Everything You Need to Know About Roman Shades

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Do you know what people mean when they speak about roman shades? Also known as fabric shades, this is a popular and beautiful style that comes in an incredible variety of fabrics and materials and can even be motorized for convenience. Roman shades are also very compact and they have seen a recent rise in popularity, probably due to the great prices you can get on roman shades.

The first place that many people think of when they consider roman shades is the bedroom. The soft almost draping look of roman shades compliment a cozy room with pillows and comforters, especially if the fabric of the shades is slightly thicker. Roman shades lift from the bottom, usually with cords, but are available in styles that move in the opposite direction – so you can leave a gap at the top of the window to let in some light but maintain privacy.

And if you don’t like cords, there are cordless versions as well as motorized versions that come with remote controls. Want help waking up in the morning? Push the button and your shades will rise, letting in the light of the new day, even before you get out of bed!

Roman shades can be ordered in fabrics with intricate and detailed designs, or with simple flat colors for a minimalist look. There are also beautiful roman shades that use natural fibers and reeds to give your rooms that natural and eco-friendly look. If you want blackout shades that don’t let in even the slightest bit of light, roman shades are available in completely opaque colors. But you can also find roman shades that let the light filter through, as well as everything in between.

The most popular room for roman shades is the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good for the rest of your home. They are also often used in entertainment rooms or home theaters, where you want absolute darkness while you watch your favorite movies, TV shows, or play your favorite games. The living room is also well served by roman shades that tuck up under themselves as you raise them, leaving space around the windows free.

Roman shades are popular and they look great. With simple but practical designs and a wide range of colors and opacities, you really can’t go wrong with roman shades in just about any room in your home.

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