Cord Lock Blinds Are Gone Baby Gone

Growing up, my mom always told me that change was inevitable, it will come whether we want it or not. It’s best to embrace it and hopefully grow to look forward to it. Even better if you love it. The key to embracing change is to be ahead of it, plan for it, ingest as much knowledge as you can and strive to be better than the day before. Then maybe, just maybe, it won’t be so difficult when change comes.

Sometimes that means letting go of things that we’ve come to rely on to make way for a better future. Why am I rambling on about change? Well…

We have a BIG announcement in the world of windows, one that is impactful no matter how you look at it. Rooted in safety and a long time coming, the industry will be eliminating a lift option that dates to the beginning of Blinds (over two centuries). Effective 6/1/2024, per mandatory guidelines regarding child safety from the Window Covering Manufacturing Association, all Cord Lock Lift options (pulling your lift cord to the side to lock your window covering in place) will be discontinued. This is an industry-wide change, meaning these products will no longer be available for sale in the U.S and all companies who manufacture, distribute, or sell window coverings in the U.S. must comply with new standard by 6/1/24.

While these changes are effective June 1st, most manufacturers have elected to discontinue production of Cord Lock Lift in late April and early May. At Blindsgalore, all Cord Lock, Cord Lock Top Down/Bottom Up and Corded Tilt Lift options will be discontinued on 4/16/24 and will be removed sitewide by 5/1/24.

Safer Lift Alternative for the Future

While all products are impacted by this industry-wide change, some are more so than others. The good news is that while Cord Lock Lift is being discontinued, there are multiple lift options to ensure every window is covered.

The Cord Lock Lift has always been the most common and affordable lift option for Window Blinds like woods, faux woods and minis. While these treatments will be the most impacted by the new standards, there are still Cordless Lift options available to ensure that we can continue to show these Blinds love.

Shades such as Cellular, Pleated and Rollers are less reliant on a Corded Lift system by design and therefore will have more lift options available, like Cord Loop, Cordless and Motorized. This is not to say they aren’t impacted by the discontinuance of Cord Lock Lift, just not as deeply as Blinds.

The Future Is Hands-Free

Now that we’ve covered what’s changing, let me recommend a few of my favorites from each lift to carry us into the future of Blinds and Shades.

Cord Loop

This lift type features a pulley system in which a tensioned cord or chain is used to raise and lower the window treatment. A Cord Loop Lift is ideal if you are looking for a corded option and/or have tall, large or hard-to-reach windows. Shades with a clutch mechanism, like Roller/Solar, sheet and Dual Zebra are the perfect fit for this lift. Our Harmony Roller Shades have a beautiful collection of fabrics with clean, modern hardware finishes and our bestselling Envision Solar Shades are our tried and true favorite to preserve the view.


Our team loves a Cordless Lift and it is a good fit for almost any window. It’s hard to say what product I wouldn’t recommend with cordless, considering its ease of function but if I had to pick my favorites, I would call out cellular shades and woven woods. Our Blindsgalore Gallery Blackout Cellular Shades are a classic with neutral colors in multiple cell and pleat sizes. I’m a sucker for natural shades and prefer them in cordless over all other lifts. While Blindsgalore Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Woven Shades may have a limited offering of materials, I like that they provide privacy and a view. This callout wouldn’t be complete without a faux wood and the Blindsgalore 2″ Hardwood Blinds have been a fan favorite for over a decade.


It doesn’t get any better than this. The ultimate in convenience and luxury, our Blindsgalore Select Motorized Light Filtering Cellular Shades have multiple motorization options, like wand and smart home capabilities and are also available with TDBU operation. Fan favorite Natural Shades, Blindsgalore Natural Woven Shades fit multiple design styles and have been the go-to category for interiors 6 years running. While some may not associate Mini Blinds with luxury, the Blindsgalore Luxera 1″ Mini Blinds are a leap above the rest with two Motorized Lift options and a wide selection of colors.

While this is a big change not only for our industry but also for you, our customer, let’s strive to approach it with an open-mind and positive outlook. We all want what is best for the littles, to keep them happy and safe. No cords is the future of Blinds and Shades. Safety first, always.