Double Winter Warmth

With the Winter Wind soon to be blowing and howling through our windows, many of you have asked me about the difference between single cellular shades and double cellular shades.

Since cellular shades are one of our most popular styles and have superior energy efficiency, I know you will want to understand how these shades differ.

Single cell cellular shades have one row or layer of cells. These shades provide some insulation but are lower in R Value which is the measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material. Generally, the higher the R Value, the greater the resistance. Use these shades in places where insulation from heat and cold are not of prime importance. Since these Single Cells have a smaller profile, they are a good choice for doors. Single Cellular Shades only come in larger cell sizes such as 3/4″, which give your windows a clean and less busy look.

Double cell cellular shades have two rows or layers of cells. Double cells provide better insulation for temperature control and for blocking sound. For the most part, these shades only come in 3/8″ or 1/2” but are very popular because of the wide choice of colors and lift options. These are my favorite of all three because of the huge variety of colors and patterns and options. These Cells can be made to fit almost any window, from the smallest to the largest.

Whether you go for the single or the double, you will love these crisp and clean window treatments and your home will be the hit of the season.

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