Clean Window Coverings For The Holidays

Holidays mean houseguests and, if they haven’t shown up already, your quiet home will soon be jam-packed with your nearest and dearest. All of your spare rooms will be occupied and every drop of hot water will be accounted for. This is your time to shine, so make sure your home is up to snuff. Window treatments rarely need major maintenance but still need require some elbow grease to keep them looking pristine. Don’t let the holidays become a hassle! Get your home guest-ready with clean window treatments now so you’re not anxiously anticipating those knocks at the door. These simple holiday cleaning tips will keep your window coverings sparkling for the rest of this season.

Source: DIY Design Fanatic
Source: DIY Design Fanatic

A Big Dust Up

Your window treatments are going to attract dust. It’s one of the few certainties in life. A trusty feather duster is going to be your best friend in this scenario. Feather dusters will make fast work of any filth that may be stuck to your blinds and they’re gentle enough to use on any style of window treatment. A soft, dampened cloth, or inside-out sock, is also a great solution for hard window treatments made of wood, faux wood, or vinyl. Create a solution out of warm water and a mild detergent, wet the rag, and simply slide it across each slat. You’ll be amazed at how much dirt you might discover. When you’re finished, flip the slats over to completely clean both sides. Don’t wait for your guests to accidentally brush past your blinds and take some of that grime home with them; clean up your act before they even arrive!

Source: Pressing On & Affordable Blinds
Source: Pressing On, Affordable Blinds

Deal With Drafty Windows

There’s nothing like sipping a hot cup of cocoa in the comfort of your home while staring out of your front window at a snow-draped street. The juxtaposition is beautiful unless, of course, your window is a bit drafty and your marshmallows are turning into ice cubes. Not only will a drafty window leak cold air into your home, but it also won’t store any heat. That’s going to cost you on your energy bill and probably upset your guests. Instead, we recommend installing your own weather stripping. The project may look daunting, but if you can measure and cut – you can do it. When you’re finished, I recommend using the same measurements to find a new, insulating cellular shade for your window.

Source: NextGenU & High Impact Exteriors
Source: NextGenU, High Impact Exteriors

Blow Them Away

If you’re really in a rush, vacuums can make cleaning your window coverings a cinch. They’re especially useful for shades and other delicate treatments. Simply use the upholstery attachment on the lowest setting to blow away lingering dust. If your vacuum cleaner seems to have vanished or is busy cleaning the rest of the house, don’t worry! A spare hair dryer will also do the trick if you use it on the coolest setting. Even if your blinds and shades don’t look dirty to the naked eye, give these tricks a try and the results may blow your mind.

Source: Emily Sincerely - WordPress & Clean Organized Family Home
Source: Emily Sincerely – WordPress, Clean Organized Family Home

Cleaning Win-don’ts

I’ve given you plenty of tips for sprucing up your blinds and shades before guests arrive, but here are a few tips on how NOT to clean your window treatments. Unless you’re dealing with vinyl vertical blinds, please fight the urge to drop your blinds into a big bath of soapy water. While it may seem like an easy solution, this method will spell disaster for the small mechanics inside your headrail. These parts aren’t meant to get went and dunking them will likely spell disaster. Also, when spot cleaning, I recommend avoiding any heavy detergents or heavy hands. Heavy detergents may spot or stain your treatments and a heavy hand may crinkle delicate shades. Instead, give them plenty of time to air dry and avoid dabbing at them with a cloth. Be gentle and patient as frequent fiddling will remove the crisp look, especially with soft window coverings.

Source: WikiHow & BlindCleaningLondon
Source: WikiHow, BlindCleaningLondon

These quick fixes should leave you plenty of time to make your home sparkle before houseguests start dashing towards your door. No matter which type of window treatment you have, these tips will pay off big during the winter months. If it’s time for new blinds, don’t hesitate to switch them out and hang them up before you start hanging up stockings over the fireplace. Hide from humbuggery this year and make sure your home is ready for a happy holiday!

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Source: Pinterest
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