Every Window Is A Custom Window

Did you know that every single window is a custom window? Yes, every window in your home is unique and waiting for the smoothest, sleekest and most inviting window covering. A custom made blind or shade is just like your favorite pair of jeans which fit you at every important spot like a glove; are snug and comfy; never wrinkle or lose their shape; always in style and in your favorite color. You just love everything about them. Your windows deserve an equal amount of attention and love. Each window in your house is special and can vary by a little bit or a lot and the different rooms in your home allow you the chance to find the perfect function, fit and look for every window.

Handcrafted Window Treatments

At Blindsgalore, we have made it our mission to show you how to find the best fit for every window. First of all, each window treatment is handcrafted just for you and your windows. When you send us your measurements, you can be assured that the blind or shade is made in a workroom solely for each particular window to ensure that the shade slips into the window for an inside mount or covers your window frame beautifully if an outside mount. Your window covering will not be too short or too long, will not fray at the edges and will not be uneven or clunky or misshapen. Just as Goldilocks, admonishes: “just right,” which can only happen with a custom made window covering is delivered to your front door.

Style and Colors Galore

Once the measurements are taken, each window then enters an amazing customization process. Foremost, is deciding what style or type of blind do you need which is a personal issue of taste and design. You need to choose the exact window treatment you like and how that complements your goals of function and the ultimate look you desire. We can solve any problem and make every kind of window treatment available, from the minimal roller and cell shade to classic wood blinds to beautiful roman shades to skylight blinds, verticals, solars, drapery, shutters, outdoor shades and everything in between you can even print anything you want on our special “make your own shade.” Color and materials go hand in hand with the decision of type of blind and our colors are limitless from all the popular neutral shades of white, taupe, ivory and gray to all the shades in the rainbow-bold and bright to soft and serene. Along with color, choose a material selection which run from organic bamboos, reeds and other woven textiles to wood or faux wood to vinyl or to a plain or printed fabric in stripes, lively patterns or trendy geometric shapes.

More Choices

After you have made the decision on style of blind, color and fabric, more selections make a truly unique window covering. Some of the many choices are what type of light filtering do you require: blackout for sleeping; sheer for lightness; opaque or semi-opaque; cordless or motorization, hardware options; valances and headrails are just a few of the many options. Each type of window treatment has its own specifications of choices, but don’t fret as we take you seamlessly through these decisions and our design experts are always on call to help you with design, function and any and all questions, big and little. Our design team has an incredible depth of knowledge about this very special niche of window coverings. With 20 years of “know-how” of selling online, we know how to guide you to the perfect choice.

The Special Treatment

I am just giving you the high points on how custom window treatments can complete your home in an exceptional way. You might be thinking you could buy them off the shelf at some big box store (don’t be fooled by imitators) or maybe you were thinking you should call in a designer and pay up for something that you don’t need or want. We stand by our window coverings with a “love it or exchange it for free,” as we want you to love your windows and be happy. Custom window treatments are made one a time for each and every window in your home. They do take time as handcrafted to your specifications, but we aim to send them out as fast we can make them without sacrificing quality. Custom window treatments are designed by you and made by us – just for you. Not many things are made like that anymore. Not all window treatments get this special “treatment”- but you do here at Blindsgalore! Let’s shape your view together.

Let’s get started now on creating the perfect custom window treatments for you. You’ll be amazed at just how many options and customizable features we offer to help you create the blind or shade you’ve always wanted.

Featured Image: Levolor Roller Shades in Light Filtering