Red, White And Blue, What Color Are You?

Color is a personal choice that enlivens our lives as we are attracted to different colors that resonate deep feelings. Our color moods are displayed in our homes, in our fashions, in our gardens, in just about every facet of our life. Color determines what we buy, how we look, how we decorate, what we choose to eat- yes, how we feel. Our color antennae are constantly feeding us data that affects our behavior and how we perceive the world. You know the feeling when a particular color just stops us dead in our tracks and we take a breath to inhale that color into our whole being!




To honor our very American colors of red, white and blue, I am wondering which one of these colors defines you?





Red is the strongest of all colors and demands attention. Red signifies strength, courage, dominance. Red is assertive, passionate and exciting. Respond to red proudly as you are lively, brash and confident; you are not afraid to jump in where others fear to tread. It is no wonder that so many Sports Teams use red in their uniforms as it has been shown that Teams that wear red, are more likely to win. Oh, our minds love to play tricks with us. Red is a bold accent color and when used in our kitchens and dining rooms, lively conversation is more likely to occur and activity and social interaction are heightened. You cannot hide if you are a “red person.” Flaunt your red badge of courage proudly.


Red is hot!

You, or not?






White has the opposite effect of red. White evokes simplicity, purity, calmness and serenity. An innocence and wholeness of spirit surround the color white, imbuing a sense of trust and orderliness which suggests an inner, quiet strength that does not need to show off or be ostentatious. White is not necessarily a blank canvas, but a combination of effects to create equilibrium. White allows you to be free and uncluttered and a white space gives permission to relax and unwind but touched with a lightness and radiance to reflect many moods.


White is light.

An inner heart bright!







Blue is the universal favorite color. Since all the shades of blue are reminiscent of sea and sky, blue is a restful, peaceful color. “Blue people” are seen as trustworthy and dependable; calming spirits in a discordant world. Blue makes us happy and the color blue has actually shown to increase productivity and positivity. Blueness has an aura of comfort and solace; a pleasure color providing relief and refuge. However, blue is the rarest color in flowers, fruits and vegetables. Think about that for a minute. Of course, blue moods still ravage us and blue moons are special, but blue is always beloved.


Blue soothes!

Is it your groove?






As the fireworks crackle overhead and burst into sparkling cascades of red, white and blue, reflect and celebrate the wonder of color and its remarkable power over our lives. I am thankful that we can freely embrace all of our true colors.


Happy Fourth of July!