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A Dreamy Bedroom

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March welcomes daylight savings time and more sunlight, but we also lose an hour of precious sleep. I don’t know about you, but between taking care of my family, home, and work, losing that one hour of sleep causes me to be groggy for days – ugh! With the impeding arrival of spring combined with shorter nights, refreshing your bedroom allows Continue Reading ...
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Red Looks We Love

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Red is the color of blood, fire, rubies, and roses. Psychologically, humans have an intense reaction to the color red. This fierce color is associated with many feelings, especially love, passion, strength, and energy.  Studies show that men are more attracted to women when they wear this assertive hue and that sports teams in red win more. Saturated reds are said Continue Reading ...
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Mix It To The Max!

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Décor doesn’t always need to appear symmetrical and classic. If you are like me, eclectic pieces, bold colors, and intricate patterns brighten even the gloomiest days. Patterns come in every color, many textures, and abundant sizes. Mix-matched patterns and colors are all the rage this season. Make sure you follow a few guidelines when doing so to let your home Continue Reading ...
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Four Home Fashion Moods

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Always on the lookout for design trends, why not anticipate and see what the fashion designers are declaring what we should be wearing. Even our windows appreciate a design make-over and with the holidays coming fast and furious, let’s take a look at some fresh ideas. As in all things fashion, a look to the past is “de rigueur,” as new Continue Reading ...
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Thrill To The Chill Of Color

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All of us who think about design, home and spaces that inspire or calm or make us feel good, always cast color in a starring role. In honor of Halloween, now becoming one of our most celebrated holidays, I have some chilling facts about the derivation of colors and some scary origins of the colors we choose to enliven our Continue Reading ...
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Feeling Blue? Mood Indigo!

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Summertime is ending and if you are feeling blue about these long luxurious days of light disappearing soon, let the mood indigo inspire you to mull over the color that changed the world, which just might provoke new thoughts and design ideas about this unique color.   The color, indigo, dates back millennia and is one of the oldest dye Continue Reading ...
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Fall Into Patterns

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Update your home this fall with a little pattern refresh. Intimidating to most, embraced by some, and mastered by few, pattern mixing is the most enticing trend going on these days. With all of the tips, tricks, and techniques out there, it’s easy to get confused on how to confidently bring this look into your home. It’s simple to be Continue Reading ...
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Pattern Primer: Volume 3

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Patterns follow us everywhere, creating an intricate map as we travel through our days, affecting us in ways, often imperceptible but fundamental. Our life patterns keep us organized and balanced, but patterns of design offer an entryway to color, texture and interest as we integrate patterns into our homes. Most patterns have been around for centuries and have evolved into Continue Reading ...