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Pattern Primer: Volume 3

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Patterns follow us everywhere, creating an intricate map as we travel through our days, affecting us in ways, often imperceptible but fundamental. Our life patterns keep us organized and balanced, but patterns of design offer an entryway to color, texture and interest as we integrate patterns into our homes. Most patterns have been around for centuries and have evolved into Continue Reading ...
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Red, White And Blue, What Color Are You?

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Color is a personal choice that enlivens our lives as we are attracted to different colors that resonate deep feelings. Our color moods are displayed in our homes, in our fashions, in our gardens, in just about every facet of our life. Color determines what we buy, how we look, how we decorate, what we choose to eat- yes, how Continue Reading ...
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Bright White, Always Right Décor

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White hot days- icy drinks, vanilla bean ice cream, piña coladas, fragrant cottage roses, twinkling patio lights, sandy soft beaches- what’s not to love about summer, our favorite season of the year? Why not breathe some of the essence of white and light into our home decor to always remember these tranquil, yet dazzling days. Using white as a design Continue Reading ...
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11 Easy Color Upgrade Ideas

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Hopefully, summer is coming your way, even though the weather patterns seem to have been seized by the evil climate gods, plotting the demise of sun and fun and “the incredible lightness of being” of our favorite season. To avenge these moody days (here in Southern California, we call it May Gray and June Gloom), I have put together 11 Continue Reading ...
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Florals Pop Your Décor!

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Floral designs have been used in home décor for centuries – which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Flowery elements bring life and color to the home, instantly energizing any space. Flowers amaze me because they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors, each displaying a unique beauty. It’s no wonder why so much inspiration comes from Mother Nature Continue Reading ...
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Pattern Primer: Volume 2

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Pattern and color are the building blocks of great design and mixing and matching these two elements in decor should be in your arsenal, ready to spill out to cover your rooms with excitement. Patterns have an interesting history and we designers are constantly reinventing these ageless designs and incorporating refashioned patterns into our homes. Many of us recognize these Continue Reading ...
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Pattern Primer, The Top Ten

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Patterns besiege us wherever we look, which invoke moods, memories, styles, always reflecting a design sensibility. Many patterns evolved through history and now dominate how we dress ourselves and our homes and how we make sense of our lives. Modern interpretations of these conventional designs continue to spark and inspire us with a vitality of color and form. My Top Continue Reading ...
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Patterned Drapery Makes For A Lively Window Curtain Idea

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Patterns strike a spirited mood and add energy and bounce to any design.  Along with the use of color, texture, and scale, successful decorators also have a mastery of using and combining patterns. Introducing patterns to a room lends so much visual interest and really gives a space personality. If you’re looking for an inspiring window curtain idea, patterned drapery Continue Reading ...