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A Perfect Window Treatment For Every Window

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Just like window treatments, windows themselves come in many different sizes and shapes. Distinct rooms require distinct windows and average sized rectangular windows cannot be classified as one-size fits all. Along with varying proportions, windows are also manufactured to be operated in different ways. Some you lift, some you slide, and some don’t open at all. All of these factors Continue Reading ...
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A Designer Look For Each Room

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Creating a professional look that is uniquely yours can seem like an intimidating task. Abundant colors, patterns, styles, and décor pieces will leave even the most experienced designer in a rut, contemplating which combinations work the best. The Boutique by Blindsgalore aims to simplify this process by offering a small collection of high quality products in stylish prints, patterns, and colors. Continue Reading ...
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What Kind Of Vampire Are You?

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Vampires are notorious for raging in the night, carousing the depths of darkness for energy, food, excitement and fulfillment.  Vampires do not have to sleep in coffins or cemeteries but they do need rest. They must sleep during the light hours as daylight frightens, threatens and weakens their sensibilities and powers.  Since vampires are definitely night people, dark shades in Continue Reading ...
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Smart Homes: Three Ways to Motorize Your Blinds

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Blindsgalore offers some of the most innovative technology in window treatments. Imagine pushing a button or flipping a switch and marvel as your chic shades open or close,  granting privacy or allowing beams of light into your home. Whether you are in the process of renovating, or just looking for an update, you may want to consider the advantages of Continue Reading ...
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Kids’ Back-To-School Rooms

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Just as we settle into summer, the school year has snuck up on us once again. As the sunny, poolside, lazy days of August begin to fade away, it’s time to get ready for a new year of classes, homework, and soccer lessons. Getting set up ahead of time will help tame the typical fall chaos and make everyone a Continue Reading ...
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Barely There Window Treatment Ideas

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While I believe in the colorful, light blocking, and insulating properties of most window treatments, sometimes you just don’t want one. This may be the case when you wish to maintain your peaceful view. Alternately, maybe the season has changed and the weather is warm and you don’t want fabric or wood materials visually holding your space captive amidst the Continue Reading ...
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Hello Sunshine, Goodbye Glare – Openness vs. Opacity

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Summer is high above us and before the scorching rays of the sun reach your windows in full blast mode, now is the time to make those changes in your window treatments that you swore you would do last August. Don’t forget that your bedroom is also angry at those streetlights at night that disturb peaceful sleep. I know our Continue Reading ...
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Take It Outside

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We’ve made it past Memorial Day and summer is upon us once again. As the days stretch on and the temperature continues to rise, I’m suddenly itching to revive my outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family. The trend of treating your backyard or porch as just another room of the house is holding strong and every Continue Reading ...