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I Rent. Why Would I Want Custom Blinds or Shades?

feel like home

You Want It To Feel Like Home

Even though you don’t own the space you’re living in, that doesn’t make it less of a home. How long did you stay at your last rental? Consider that the average lease on a rental starts at one year but most renters stay at least two, if not much longer. When we rent, we think that there is no reason to invest in our current space because it’s not ours and we won’t be there long. But as long as you are living in your current abode, it is home. Why not treat it that way? Invest in you and your space. Put up blinds or shades that you love. Prints, textures, fun colors, neutral solids. Natural materials or synthetics. The beauty of custom is you get what you like and want.

You Need Something Special

You want to sleep like a bear in the middle of winter. You have kids and/or pets and have no desire for those pesky cords in your home. You have prying, nosy neighbors who like to stare at you through your window and it creeps you out. Whatever. We get it. The list goes on and on. Just because this may not be your forever home doesn’t mean you have to live with things the way they are or make do. Crazy thing about custom blinds and shades is that there are a lot of options for your special needs and they are attractive, too. Blackout, cordless, top down/bottom up, you name it, we’ve got you covered.

Cheaper Than You Think

You hear the word custom and all kinds of red flags go up. Warning! Danger! Turn Back Now! Your wallet trembles in fear. You think that investing in something custom and made “just for you” is out of reach or just too expensive to put in a temporary home. Why would you want to do that? We might just surprise you with the depth of affordable options that are available in blinds and shades. Sure, those out-of-reach products are out there and, yes, we do sell them. But there are also blinds and shades that are quite affordable, attractive, and attainable.

cheaper than you think

You Want Blinds That Work

Those mini-blinds hanging crooked in the window. That don’t lift. Ever. We’ve all seen them. You want them replaced and this the perfect opportunity to look into putting something in place that not only works but works well. And an attractive option wouldn’t hurt. Why not have it all? By law, landlords and owners of rental properties do not have to provide window treatments at all let alone replace current ones that we don’t like or are broken. This doesn’t mean that they won’t replace them or even consider helping pay for an upgrade. Or better yet, let you pick it, install them, and they front the bill. You’d never leave. Adding beautiful, neutral blinds or shades to a rental can help increase its value and help it rent faster. Always a good way to approach any improvements made to a home that is yours but not. And the fact they work is a plus. Everyone wins.

you want pretty

You Want Pretty

Let’s touch on those pre-existing mini-blinds again. We bring them up because they are so common in rentals. Don’t get us wrong, mini-blinds are fine. We sell them. They’re very affordable, easy to replace, and serve a purpose. However, if you want your place to feel like home, keeping a blind in the window that just isn’t you throws a wrench in your home’s style. And who likes that? Custom blinds/shades open up a whole new realm of possibilities for interior decorating. Not only do you have more styles to choose from but a whole world of colors, prints, and textures too. There are beautiful blinds and shades out there that help get you to where you are going with the look and feel of your home, eh, we mean rental. Home.

landloard discussion checklist
  • Modifications to rental
  • Mount type
  • Assistance replacing/purchasing
  • Installing
  • HOA requirement regarding street front appearance of windows