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Alexa Controlled Smart Blinds and Shades

Pair Your Smart Home with Amazon Alexa

It is now possible to connect your Neo Smart Hub controlled blinds or shades to your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show devices. Follow the below instructions to configure your Alexa controlled smart blinds and shades. If you have a Google Home device, we have solutions for you, too.

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Neo Smart Hub

Neo Smart Hub

The Neo Smart Hub is a small device that uses your homes WiFi to send signals to your motorized window coverings. It will give you the ability to control your motorized shades from a phone, tablet, or PC using the free Neo Smart Blinds app. This hub will also give you the ability to pair your shades to an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device.

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Find Window Coverings That Are Compatible with Alexa

How to Connect and Control Your Window Coverings

Connecting Your NeoHub to Alexa

Connecting Your NeoHub To Alexa

Step 1

Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smart device.

Step 2

Click the menu icon on the top left of the screen to open the "Skills" section.

Step 3

Search for "Neosmartblinds".

Step 4

Find the "Neosmartblinds controller" and select "Enable".

Step 5

Enter the login information for your Smart Controller.

Step 6

Make sure your Neo Smart Hub is online and then click the "Authorize" button.

Step 7

Tap "Discover Devices" to see a list of all the rooms you have loaded in your Smart Controller.

Step 8

Congratulations. Your window treatments should be successfully paired and you can now close the app and use voice commands.


Controlling Your Window Coverings by Voice

Basic Voice Commands

  1. "Turn On [name of group/name of room]" to open your window treatments.
  2. "Turn Off [name of group/name of room]" to close your window treatments.

Open/Close All Window Treatments

  1. Create a group in your Amazon Alexa app with all of your rooms assigned.
  2. Use the name of your group with the appropriate "Turn Off" or "Turn On" commands.

Alexa Smart Blinds FAQ

Using a NEO Smart Hub, select motorized window treatments are compatible with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show devices. By connecting to your Amazon device, you’ll be able to control your blinds or shades remotely, create schedules, and use voice commands.

After setting up your NEO Smart Hub and installing your compatible motorized window treatments, you will have to pair your Hub to an Amazon Alexa device. For specific instructions on connecting the devices and for sample voice commands, please see our “How To Connect And Control Your Window Coverings” instructions above.