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Blindsgalore Outdoor Shades

Installed on the exterior of the home, Blindsgalore Outdoor Solar Screens block the sun’s rays before they reach the window. By limiting the exposure of UV rays, heat transference through the window is lessened as these exterior shades work to keep the internal temperature of your home and cooling bills down. Darker colors provide a better view, while lighter colors are better for temperature control.

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  • Size

    24" x 36"

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customer reviews for blindsgalore outdoor shades

5 stars

"Most Excellent!!!"

By Corvettedude1947 from Pensacola, FL

I am impressed with the quality of materials and the performance of the blinds once I installed them. This is an EASY DIY project that will save you a ton of money. I had an estimate from Lowe's that was over twice what I spent with Blindsgalore.

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5 stars

"Outdoor solar screen"

By from Seattle, WA

I'm very pleased with this product. Installation was very easy, although the installation instructions could use a bit improving. I purchased the 1% openness in Charcoal. I live in Seattle with no air conditioning, so during the summer months our home heats up quite a bit and wanted to try a solar screen to help reduce the amount of sunlight that comes in on one side of the house. Bonus it also reduces the amount of rain water that hits the windows during our winter rain storms. I'll be purchasing a few more of these in the near future.

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