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Inexpensive Panel Track Blinds

Inexpensive panel track blinds are perfect for your large windows and patio doors.  This great selection of panel track blinds feature a wide selection of fabric materials and fabric patterns.  The large vertical vanes of inexpensive panel track blinds can also be used as room dividers.  They look similar to a window shade however due to their function and operation they are considered a blind.  We carry inxexpensive panel tracks in a wide selection of colors and fabric opacities.  Keep in mind that the fabric opacity you choose will affect your light control and privacy.  Semi-sheer will provide the least light control and privacy and opaque will provide the most.  All inexpensive panel track blinds from Blindsgalore are custom-made for a perfect fit in your window.

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    24" x 36"
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customer reviews for blindsgalore panel track blinds

5 stars

"Perfectly Gorgeous!"

By msrosagd from Matthews, NC

I needed something to cover the opening of our walkin master closet entrance. The closet opening is tucked away around a corner so it’s not easily visible by guest. However I prefer to have a door on my master closet. The builders did not install doors. The issue is that the opening is over 106 inches tall which made it extremely difficult to find doors or any type of covering at a standard size. Well these custom blinds are just what we needed!! They are absolutely perfect and they are absolutely gorgeous. They are absolutely luxurious with a very high end appeal. I love them!!!

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