Our Top 5 Favorite Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades, also sometimes known as Natural Shades or Bamboo Shades, are popular for their unique use of organic materials. Reed, jute, bamboo, and other natural fibers are harvested from sustainable sources and expertly woven into these one-of-a-kind shades. Woven Wood Shades are able to add texture to your décor and their weaves naturally filter incoming light to create a soft glow. These shades can also be customized with lift and privacy options, making them a suitable choice for any room in your home.

These stylish, natural shades have been an influencer and interior designer favorite for years and our own Blindsgalore designers love them, too. See what we’ve picked as our five favorite Woven Wood Shades.


#5. Blindsgalore® Natural Bamboo Shades

  • • Woven together with natural bamboo
  • • Creates an organic, earthly look in your home
  • • Customizable with decorative accent banding

#4. Blindsgalore® Waterfall Woven Shades

  • • Shade hangs from the headrail for a clean look
  • • Built using natural and sustainable materials
  • • Optionable privacy liners can be included

#3. Boutique Natural Woven Shades (Grass + Select)

  • • High-end shade with hand-crafted style
  • • Available in several colors and grass weaves
  • • Cordless lift comes standard, can be motorized

#2. Blindsgalore® Cordless Woven Shades

  • • Unique grass weaves add texture and dimension
  • • Easy to operate, safe in homes with pets and kids
  • • Ideal base for layering with drapery

#1. Blindsgalore® Natural Woven Shades

  • • Designer, customer, and influencer favorite
  • • Variety of customizable options available
  • • Large collection of eco-friendly materials