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Wood Blinds - Custom Wooden Window Blinds & Shades

Wood blinds are warm, natural and inviting, a classic combination that will make any room feel more comfortable. These traditional window treatments are also durable and lightweight, which makes them an ideal choice for large windows. Add style and sophistication to your décor with wood blinds and enjoy the natural look of real wood grain in a diverse range of stains and textures.

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Customizable Options

Lift Options

lift options

  • Standard

    With a single pull, you can lift or lower your blinds and effortlessly lock them in position. This cord can be placed on either the right or the left side of your blind.
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  • Cordless

    Removes the lift cord, allowing you to operate the blind by pushing or pulling on the bottom rail. Even with a cordless option, you will still have vertical support cords running through each slat.
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Tilt Options

tilt options

  • Cord

    Pull the cord to rotate your slats. These cords can be positioned on either side of your wood blind.
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  • Wand

    Open and close your slats in a single twist. Wands can be placed on the left, right, or center of your wood blinds.
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  • Motorized

    Some wood blinds can be upgraded with a motorized tilt, a luxurious feature that’s also useful for hard-to-reach windows.
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Decorative Accents

decorative accents

  • Cloth Tapes

    Cover the standard support cords with a stylish cloth tape to add a finishing touch that allows the addition of an accent color or design.
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  • Valances

    Include a decorative top portion that will cover the headrail for a complete look. These are available in matching colors and materials.
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Light Control

light control

  • Routeless

    Removes the notching in each slat to make your room darker when the blinds are closed. Certain products may refer to this option as “Lightmaster” or “NoHoles”.
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Slat Size

slat size

  • Larger windows typically require a larger slat size, while the inverse is true for smaller windows. The most popular size for wood blinds are 2” slats.
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  • Wood blinds are available with many different finishes and stains, most suitable for a neutral palette.
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