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Cordless Blinds, Shades, & Window Treatments

  • The safest bet in blinds and shades
  • Child and pet friendly without cords
  • Clean, elegant look without cord clutter
  • Gentle push/pull lift from bottom rail
  • Simple, convenient operation

Cordless blinds and shades offer a convenient and safe option now available on most styles of window treatments. Instead of a traditional lift cord, the shade is operated with a gentle push or pull on the bottom rail to position the shade at any height. With no dangling cords, shades are safer for children and pets and have a clean, uncluttered look. Simply select the cordless option when customizing your shade and be sure you can reach the window at the maximum height you would raise the shade - if not, consider a motorized window treatment.

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Cordless Blinds and Shades FAQ

While most traditional blinds are operated with a cord or tilt wand, cordless shades are adjusted by gently adjusting the bottom rail of your blind or shade and moving it into place. With no dangling cords, cordless shades typically provide a cleaner look and are much safer in homes with small children or pets.

To raise or lower cordless blinds, you simply grab the bottom rail of your shade to gently move it into place. Your window covering will automatically lock at the desired location until you’re ready to move it again. Cordless shades usually include small handles for the bottom rail or you may grab the rail directly to make your adjustments.

Many people feel that cordless window coverings are actually easier to operate than traditional cord mechanisms. Homes with children or pets should absolutely consider cordless blinds, as dangling cords pose a dangerous safety hazard. For these reasons, our designers strongly recommend a cordless lift whenever available.

If your blind or shade does not already come with a cordless lift included, most products will allow you to change your lift option during the customization process. The added feature will usually cost less than $100, but final price will depend on your specific window treatment. At Blindsgalore, we feel that added safety features and ease of operation make a cordless blind or shade is priceless.

customer reviews for cordless

5 stars

"As Advertised when Product arrived"

By Ed from Warminster,Pa

No bait and switch here. This was a very good quality product and exceeded my expectations and was economically priced!

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5 stars

"Easy Installation and Perfect Color Match"

By Danielle H from Nevada

The last two years, we’ve ordered from Blinds Galore for the entire house as each room was being repainted with different colors and remodeled, and we are very pleased with every purchase we’ve made. The latest cordless Blinds we purchased were for our Dining Room and over the Sink for the Kitchen Window and we were matching our Living Room verticals already in place and we visually looked at the color palette online and did the best we could to match the color. When they arrived we were absolutely thrilled! A perfect color match, the installation was super easy and they look amazing! When we were picking out the colors on line for all of our other rooms, each room was a perfect color match too. I highly recommend the cordless pull up Blinds and well worth the additional cost. They go up and down with ease and perfect for anyone with children and pets and no cords to deal with! Blinds Galore has been so easy to order from, great communication with email updates and shipping details and we are very happy customers! Thank you all!

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