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Blindsgalore Supports Child Safety Standards
for Hanging Cords on Blinds and Shades

Due to new child safety standards set in place with the Window Covering Manufacturing Association, free-hanging operating cords have been discontinued. This is an industry-wide change, meaning these products will no longer be available for sale in the U.S. and all companies who manufacture, distribute, or sell window coverings must comply with new standard.

Safer Lift Alternatives for the Future

Cordless blinds provide a clean, cord-free design with child safety in mind.
Cord Loops are ideal for large and hard-to-reach windows.
Motorized blinds and shades for the ultimate in lift and luxury

Discontinued Options

and their reccomended replacements

Replace a corded lift with a cordless, cordloop, or motorized lift
Replace a corded tilt with a wand tilt
Replace your routeless blinds with atandard slats
Replace your cloth tapes with no accent
Replace your cord or chain control with a wand

More Information on Discontinued Products

Cordlock, Cordlock TDBU, Corded Tilt, Routeless, Cloth Tapes, and Cord/Chain Control lift options were discontinued and removed sitewide. This is due to mandatory guidelines regarding child safety from the Window Covering Manufacturing Assocation. This is a new window covering industry standard and will affect all companies who manufacture, distribute, or sell window coverings in the United States.

Impacted Products

and their alternatives

Cord Lock

Cellular Shades Cordless, Cord Loop, Motorized
Natural Shades Cordless, Cord Loop, Motorized
Roman Shades Cordless, Cord Loop, Motorized
Pleated Shades Cordless, Motorized
Faux Wood Blinds Cordless
Wood Blinds Cordless
Mini Blinds Cordless, Motorized

Cord Tilt

Faux Wood Blinds Wand Tilt
Wood Blinds Wand Tilt

Cloth Tapes

Faux Wood Blinds No Accent Tape
Wood Blinds No Accent Tape
Mini Blinds No Accent Tape

Routeless Slats

Faux Wood Blinds Standard Slats
Wood Blinds Standard Slats

Chain and Cord Control

Vertical Blinds Wand Control
Panel Track Blinds Wand Control