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How to Measure for Shutters


  • A clean, uncluttered look
  • Mounted inside the window frame recess
  • Window must be square for inside mount installation


  • Makes window area appear larger and helps hide unattractive windows or molding
  • Shutters are mounted on the wall, or on/beyond molding
  • Require at least 5/8" of flat surface to properly install frame

Determine Square Windows:

  • In order to properly install your shutters with an inside mount, your window must be square. To determine if your windows are square enough for installation, measure diagonally (upper to lower right, then upper to lower left). If the measurements differ by more than 1/2", your window is not square enough for an inside mount.

Pick Frame Type:

Pick Frame Type

Frame Type Details:

Hang Strips

  • Windows with frame depth at least 2 1/2" deep
  • Windows without large cranks and/or handles
  • Square windows
  • Easiest inside mount installation
  • Comes as a two-sided frame with light blocks
  • Does not protrude beyond window frame

Trim Frame

  • Windows with frame depth at least 2 1/2" deep
  • Square windows
  • No pre-drilled screw holes
  • Frame protrudes slightly outside the window frame


  • Windows with or without molding (can mount on top of molding, but recommend outside of molding)
  • Windows with large cranks and/or handles
  • Recommended for windows without casing
  • If installing on existing trim, trim should be flat
  • Measurement Additions 1 3/8" on all four sides

Casing Frame

  • Windows with or without molding (can mount on top of molding but recommend outside mount)
  • Windows that are not square
  • Decorative edge for a complete look
  • Easiest installation
  • Finished look
  • Light blocks built-in
  • Measurement Additions 2 5/8" on all four sides

Inside Mount:

Measure the width (top, middle, and bottom) and the height (left, center, and right) in three places as seen in the illustration. Record the smallest width and height measurement. Make sure to round your measurements down to the nearest 1/8".


Outside Mount:

Measure the desired width (top, middle, and bottom) and height (left, center, and right), without the shutter frame, in three places as seen in the illustration on the right. Record the largest width and height measurement. Depending on your chosen frame, add the amounts listed in the "measurement additions" column. This will allow for enoughat wall space to properly mount your shutters.

Outside Mount

Divider Rails:

  • Divider rails allow two sections of the shutter panel to operate independently for improved light control. Vinyl shutters over 60" require a divider rail for improved stability. Design professionals recommend that the divider panel be placed in the center for symmetry. Divider rails are measured from the bottom of the frame to the top. If you are ordering shutters for windows with multiple heights, you may want to have the divider rails placed at different heights to achieve symmetry.
Divider Rails

Panel Configuration:

Depending on your window width, you have your choice of the number of panels for your shutters. Panels will be the same width (example: a 40" two panel shutter will have two 20" panels) for each configuration. For our most popular styles, see the illustrations below for options.

Panel Configuration