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Easy to Clean

Dirty shades can spell disaster, but you can miss the mess with an easy to clean window treatment. While nobody looks forward to washing window coverings, you can save yourself a lot of time a trouble with the right treatment. Start first by selecting the category of window coverings you're interested in - blinds, shades, or drapes.

easy to clean shutter
easy to clean blinds


Since most traditional blinds have horizontal slats, they can cause dust to pile up and linger longer than necessary. While this means most blinds aren't the simplest to scrub-down, there are certain, easy-to-clean, exceptions.

Faux Wood

Opposed to real wood, faux wood blinds don't need to be polished or specially treated. Instead, they can be effortlessly dusted with a sock or cleaned with the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner. We suggest adjusting the slats during cleaning to get both sides of the now

Vertical Blinds

Horizontal slats usually require excess cleaning but vertical window treatments don't leave room for dust buildup. Fabric verticals can be easily cleaned with a lint roller or vacuum cleaner while we recommend spot cleaning vinyl verticals with a damp cloth.
Find out more about cleaning your vertical blinds here. shop now

easy to clean shades


Without any flat surface areas to catch and hold dust, shades are the ideal easy-to-clean window treatments. Some shades are even anti-static, allowing them to repel airborne grime to save you on cleaning time.

Roller Shades

Vertical surfaces have a difficult time holding onto dust and are usually considered good choices for people suffering from severe allergies. Since roller shades have no open areas to catch soot, they require only an occasional dusting to keep clean. shop now

Cellular Shades

Through their unique honeycomb design, cellular shades don't have slats to catch dust. The creases on this unique shade may need to be cleaned over time, but this can be done with a vacuum cleaner attachment or even a hairdryer switched to a "cool" now

easy to clean custom curtains and drapery


Unlike blinds and shades, drapery is great at concealing blemishes which make them rarely look dirty. Since it can be difficult to tell how dingy your drapery is getting, we recommended paying these treatments attention every few months.

Custom Curtains and Drapery

Most drapery can be removed from your windows for painless cleaning. Drapes rarely need to be washed and can be simply steam cleaned to remove grime and awkward creases. Spot cleaning will also work with mild soap and warm water. Dry cleaning is also recommended, but be sure to read the label on your drapery carefully for in-depth instructions. shop now

Looking for more ways to keep your window treatments squeaky clean? We know all the best techniques to care for your blinds, shades, or drapery. View How To Clean