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Bay Windows

Bay windows add depth and dimension to a room, but can also raise privacy concerns. These uniquely shaped windows can be treated individually or as a whole, depending on their construction.

mesuering a bay window

Measuring a Bay Window

If you aren't able to treat each window pane individually, you will need to use a special template to properly measure for window treatments. Please contact one of our Customer Service Experts for precise instructions on how to measure your bay window.

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We highly recommend these types of window treatments for your bay windows

odd shaped roman shades

Roman Shades

Pleated shades with intriguing textures to soften your window's hard angles.

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odd shaped cellular shades

Cellular Shades

Thin, insulating shades with light filtering options that will fit easily inside your window.

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odd shaped wood and faux wood blinds

Wood/Faux Wood

Classic, natural looking blinds that can easily coordinate with your window's casing.

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odd shaped sheer shades

Sheer Shades

Delicate, airy shades that are helpful in diffusing incoming light and cutting back on glare.

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Arched Windows

Arched windows make a unique architectural addition to any home. Before picking out a window treatment, it's important to determine whether you have a perfect or an imperfect arch first.

window coverings for perfect arches

Perfect Arches

To have a perfect arch, your window's height must be exactly half of its width. In this case, we recommend stationary cellular shades. These shades will fit perfectly inside your arch and are helpful in insulating your windows and filtering or blocking incoming light.

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window coverings for imperfect arches

Imperfect Arches

If your window is an imperfect arch, meaning its height is not half of its width, you will need to send us a template of your window so we can measure it for you. Please contact one of our Customer Service Experts for detailed instructions on how to create a template of your window.

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Skylights are fantastic sources of natural light, but they can let in unwanted sunlight or inclement temperatures if left uncovered. The best solution is a shade with insulating and light filtering qualities. On most skylights, we recommend cellular shades.

odd shaped skylights

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a versatile solution for your skylight shades and will be able to shield your home from any harmful incoming UV rays. Available in insulating double or single cells, as well as light filtering or blackout options, these shades are installed on special tracks to allow for easy movement at all angles.

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To make your skylight shade more accessible, we recommend adding the motorized option. Motorized skylight shades can be adjusted with a remote control and can even be solar powered.

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Other Odd Shapes

If you can't find the correct shape above, don't give up! We encourage you to contact our Customer Service Experts to discuss solutions for your odd shaped windows 1(877)-702-5463.