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Skylight Shades & Blinds


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Skylight Shades & Blinds

  • Cellular shades popular for their superior insulation
  • Avoid common unwanted heat loss and gain
  • Special tracks allow all angles of window coverage
  • Protect your interior from UV damage
  • Enjoy the light above while maintaining temp control
  • Why choose a single or double cell?

Custom Shades for Skylight Windows

Skylights are a beautiful feature for any home and are an excellent provider of natural light. However, without custom skylight shades, the extra sunlight will also lead to extra heat gain. Skylight windows also aren't very economical when it comes to insulation, but the right shade can help. Blindsgalore makes it easy for you to customize and install your own DIY skylight shades. Skylight shades are installed on stationary sidetracks which help the shades stay in the perfect position and smoothly raise/lower.

What to Consider When Choosing Skylight Shades

Take an in-depth look at what to consider when purchasing your custom skylight shades.

Benefits of Skylight Window Shades

The major benefit of custom skylight shades is how cost-effective they can be. Not only are these shades excellent at blocking light (especially blackout skylight shades), but they also add an extra layer of insulation to your windows. Cellular skylight shades will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving you on your monthly energy bill.

Some homeowners may notice that dirt and grime is quick to pile up on exterior skylights. While not a long-term solution, these shades will help keep your room aesthetically pleasing from below. The right skylight shade will also add style to your home, as there are multiple color and design options available. Custom skylight shades will also help preserve the rooms in your home by blocking damaging direct light, which can rapidly fade furniture.

RV skylight shades are also an excellent choice to cover tricky motorhome windows. They are also able to be held firmly in place while driving.

Different Types of Skylight Shades

Cellular Skylight Shades vs. Pleated Skylight Shades

Visually, both styles look very similar. However, if you look at them from the side, you’ll notice pleated skylight shades contain only a single layer of pleated fabric. Cellular skylight shades, also sometimes known as honeycomb shades, are built with honeycomb-shaped pocket of fabric. This pocket provides added insulation benefits and customization options.

Choosing Between Light Filtering or Blackout Skylight Shades

If you want complete darkness, in a bedroom or nursery for example, then you want to think about getting skylight shades with blackout or room darkening. Blackout skylight shades will make sure you can get a comfortable nap during the day without having to worry about incoming light. If you’re looking to keep some natural light, we recommend a light filtering skylight shade. A light filtering option will allow you to keep your room light and bright, while still covering your window.

Manual Skylight Shades vs. Motorized Skylight Shades

In order to raise and lower your manual skylight shades, we recommend including an extension pole with your order. Extension poles are relatively cheap additions for your skylights shades and will make it possible to access these hard-to-reach windows. Motorized skylight shades are a more convenient option and can be operated via remote control, along with any matching motorized shades in your home. Some motorized shades can also be linked to your smart home, phone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home devices. In order to link your motorized shades to your smart home, you will likely require a NEO hub device. Please reference the specific product details for more exact information.

Skylight Shades for RVs

RVs windows are often difficult to cover, which can lead to an overly stuffy interior. Luckily, our pleated skylight shades make for a simple and economical option. There are a variety of colors to choose from, as well as light filtering and blackout options. Skylight RV shades also include special tie-down brackets to keep them in place while your vehicle is in motion.

Customizable Options for Skylight Shades

  • Single or Double Cell

    If you're customizing a cellular skylight shade, you will get the option between a single or double cell. The difference is quite literal. Double cells include secondary layer of honeycomb pockets. For those looking for top-tier energy efficiency, as well as a way to block excessive noise pollution, then select a double cell skylight shade.

  • Pleat Size

    The larger your pleat size, the more effective your insulation qualities. However, the difference is very minimal between pleat sizes. The most important consideration is the size of your windows. For larger windows, we recommend larger pleats for a more fitting look. Small pleats on a large window can look dizzying.

How to Measure and Install for Skylight Shades

We have a quick video that will show you exactly how to measure for custom skylight shades.

Visit our installation page for guides on how to install your motorized or manual skylight shades.

For assistance measuring, installing, or customizing your custom skylight shades, please contact our in-house team of design experts over the phone (877.702.5463) or through email (

Book an online appointment with our virtual designer if you’d like to discuss a design solution via webcam.

Skylight Shades FAQ

Our skylight cellular shades are highly recommended for skylight windows due to their insulating and light-filtering properties. These shades are installed using a supportive sidetrack to keep your shade in place, helping it retain tension. Blindsgalore also recommends including motorization for especially hard to reach windows.

Because skylights are usually angled, skylight cellular shades are installed using a special track on the edges of your window. These tracks will allow your shade to be installed at any angle and ensure it stays in place. Adding motorization will give you the option to control these shades remotely or even link them to your smart home. You can also operate these shades using an extension pole, which you can include while customizing.

Motorized skylight shades are a bit of an investment compared to a traditional skylight covering, however they are well worth the upgrade. Skylight windows are often difficult to reach, making remote control an ideal option. You can also control up to 14 shades with a single remote from up to 80 feet away. Motorized skylights can also be easily paired to your smart phone or smart devices for added control and the ability to set them on a timer.

Functionally, your shade is built to last. However, because skylight shades are often exposed to direct sunlight their colors may fade over time. Blindsgalore shades include a 3-year warranty that protects against original defects in materials or workmanship. You can also include an extended 5-year warranty during customization.

Motorized skylight shades are powered with a battery pack installed within the headrail. During customization, you can also include a battery charger or a solar recharge kit. A battery charger will help to easily bring your shades to a full charge and we recommend one battery charger for every three shades. A solar recharge kit can also be purchased to keep these sun-facing shades charged all year long. Direct sunlight is not required but the solar panel will perform best with direct sunlight. You can also link your motorized skylight shades to your smart phone or smart device with the NEO Smart Hub, found within the home automation selection during customization.

Skylight windows can produce an enormous amount of heat in your home, which is another reason why skylight shades have such powerful insulation properties. Regardless of whether your shade is created with light filtering or blackout fabric, the right color can make a difference. Darker colors will filter more incoming light while lighter colors reflect more light to create a slightly brighter glow.

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