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Skylight Shades & Blinds

  • Cellular shades popular for their superior insulation
  • Avoid common unwanted heat loss and gain
  • Special tracks allow all angles of window coverage
  • Protect your interior from UV damage
  • Enjoy the light above while maintaining temp control
  • Why choose a single or double cell?

The insulating properties of skylight shades make them extremely efficient at reducing the considerable heat transfer that can occur through skylights, and light filtering and blackout options allow for custom light control. Supportive sidetracks allow the shades to be installed at any angle and retain their tension. Skylight blinds may be operated manually by hand or with an extension pole, or be motorized for the ultimate convenience.

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customer reviews for skylights

5 stars


By Ivy from Austin,TX

These shades transformed our living room. We have skylights which are great when you want light but difficult when you do not. The room is in the center of the home with no windows so it makes sense - but was still difficult on hot summer sunny days. These blinds have not only provide excellent shade but reduced the heat in our living room considerably. We default to closed and open them to get in some light as needed. We love them and wish we had done this sooner. Easy to install (first one took longer to learn and figure out but second one was super easy and fast).

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5 stars


By LieutenantJoe from West Hempstead, NY

I was quoted an absurdly high price by a local shop for a similar product. I was happy to find this website after doing an internet search. I measured my opening, chose the color and placed my order. Being a first time user of this website, of course I was nervous and apprehensive! I received my custom made skylight shade in about 9-10 days, manufactured to the exact size that I had measured. My apprehension was dispelled! I know some other reviewers claim that they were able to install it in 15-60 minutes. Well, I'm a little O.C.D. and I took my time and followed the directions to the letter so I would do it one time and done! It took about 3 and a half hours by myself and it looks fantastic! It took my neck a little while to get back to normal from all that backward bending!- LOL. I cannot speak of the quality since I have nothing else to compare it to. The frame is a sturdy metal. The shade itself is a little thin and flimsy but it does the job that I need it to do. Just be careful when handling the shade.

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