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Who Blindsgalore Isn’t For

You Want Us To Come Your House

You Want Us To Come Your House

We specialize in those of you who want to take on your home project yourself and who like the comfort of doing it all in your PJ’s and on your own time. Everyone wins because we cut out the middleman costs by not having, well, the middleman, and you get the same great coverings the designers have access to, but not at the designer prices. That’s right, we sell the same quality products a designer will sell you. With that said, if you do need a little extra help with measuring and installing, we will happily recommend to you trusted pros in your area that we vet and work with ourselves. And if you have a designer that you love, just tell him or her about us—we can get them special deals for being in the biz. But think about it, 99% of our customers both measure and install on their own. Those are good odds that you can, too.

You Want One Size Fits All

Umbrellas, smart phones, fast food and sunglasses. These things are all pretty good as they come. They don’t need much tweaking. But your windows aren’t the same as each other or as any other window for that matter. In fact, every single window is unique because it has its own dimensions. If you tried to install the same sized treatment for windows that appear to be twins, you’d be disappointed when you find out none is ever the same. Think about your windows like snowflakes. Furthermore, each window has its own needs and traits—block out the neighbors, show off the view, cool down the sunny room, high up and hard to reach, rounded edges, short, squat, tall, skinny, needs to make a statement, wants to be a wallflower, the list it goes on and on. We cover all shapes and sizes for the absolute perfect fit. We make everything from scratch, to order.

You Wanted It Yesterday

It’s a fast world now. We get it. But sometimes the good things take time. Everything we make is a custom job. That means nothing comes off a shelf. That means we start building it after we get all your specs, because we are building you a one of a kind, a one and only. Most products are hand built: around 17 artisans work on your blind start to finish. Then we still must get it right to your front door. When you think of it that way, two weeks (our average) is a pretty impressive turnaround. As for overnight orders, we actually tried that out and we put the kibosh on it because just wasn’t possible for us to stand behind something so intricate being made at breakneck speed. The caliber wasn’t up to snuff and the factory itself had trouble standing by that breakneck timeframe.

You Wanted It Yesterday

You Want Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas makes some great window coverings. We appreciate and respect their products and their business. But they don’t allow anything they make to be sold online and that’s their prerogative. We used to do business with them back in the days when they did sell online. We were a preferred partner, and one of the last standing online sellers offering their treatments. You should know that we have some great comparable products (but not at the Hunter Douglas price). The industry has gotten pretty sophisticated, and now we all have more choices than just the top shelf name. We just might surprise you.

You Don’t Like Shopping For Things Like This Online

We’ve got news for you. The internet is here to stay. But even we, the online obsessed, still have items we prefer to buy up close and in-person. Things we like to pick out one by one, like fresh produce or perfume, and things we need to see to believe, like the perfect LBD. However, you can buy some pretty crazy things online, making custom blinds look tame by comparison.

We dream big and believe covering your windows can be a custom process that gets delivered straight to your front door, just as you like it. We don’t see the need for you to go into a store only to struggle with a limited inventory and a lackluster staff. Finding all the products models? Help from knowledgeable employees? Better prices on the same designer stuff? In your dreams – and ours, too.

That’s why we went and did it online. We want to get you the same great quality custom window treatments your designer would sell you, at a better price. Of course we understand why designers mark up prices, they put a lot of TLC into the process, but so do we. And we can do it all for free, over the phone, so costs are low for us and for you. After all, why not spend a little alone time with something serious before you buy it? We're not going to be that mattress salesman who’s breathing down your neck seconds after you walk into the store, trying to sell you something before you get a chance to mull things over. Kick back with us and we’ll walk you through as much of it as you like, or leave you alone to do your thing. It’s up to you.

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