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Window Treatment Basics

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Cellular Shade Light Control

‘Window treatments’ and ‘window coverings’ are both commonly used terms, so what’s the difference?  Both are used somewhat interchangeably to refer to things you’d put on a window, however there is a difference.  Window treatments almost exclusively refer to drapes, blinds and shades that go inside a home and that also have a decorative element.  Window coverings could include shutters, storm shutters or owning and could be outside.

Now that that’s out of the way, the content below is a primer on some basics to brush up on as you consider your new window treatments.  While there are differences between brands and applications, the information here is general, and a solid foundation to becoming a well-informed buyer.  Keep in mind, if you prefer to speak with one of our pros, we’re available by phone 6 days a week and happy to help.

Window treatments basics

Unless you are a pro decorator, shopping for window treatments is probably something you do not do every day.  So, if you’re not sure where to start, start here.  This is a quick review of window treatment basics to ensure a purchase that you’ll love for years to come.  Our recommendation is to read through the basic information here, explore more deeply on the items that are most important to you and then shop for the type and style that fits best.  If you need any help, we’re just a phone call away.  Get ready to love your windows!

Light control

Light control is blocking (or allowing in) the amount of light that you prefer for a particular window.  Generally speaking, light control can be achieved with any type of window treatment – the difference when considering different window treatment options tends to involve the flexibility with which light that can be blocked and the relationship to privacy.  For example, blinds offer flexibility in the amount of light blocked and the privacy offered by simply opening and closing the slats.  This operation is simple and reliable but tends to offer only light or privacy, not both at the same time.  Cellular shades, on the other hand, offer privacy while allowing light in and can be ordered to allow in more or less light to your taste, but are not adjustable.

Note: The operations of opening a closing a window treatment may refer to either moving the window treatment over the surface of the window


Privacy needs exist at a few levels.  Moderate privacy needs may include a home office window where the goal is to block the view from cars driving by, faraway neighbors, etc., where many types of window treatments would work well.  For windows where a higher level of privacy is needed, such as a bedroom window near a front door, window blinds would need to be closed fully, which also blocks all light.  For windows requiring privacy and light, shades are a better choice.


Window treatments are more than utilitarian.  The right window treatments not only complement your decor, but can even be a visual focus or key component of a room’s styling.  Window treatments are a unique styling element in a home, sharing the long-term utility and added value of an appliance and the decorating flexibility of furniture and accessories.  Available in a wide range of prices and styles, window treatments can be anything from simple and utilitarian to the finishing splash of excitement and flourish to an already beautiful room.


Have you ever seen an attractive home without attractive window treatments?  We haven’t either.  Much like the other permanent fixtures in a home, window treatments are part of a home’s core value.  Upgrading window treatments results in an upgraded home, both in living experience and long term value.  Quality window treatments look great, work well and can last for decades.

Efficiency and Energy

Purchasing quality windows can make a huge impact on reducing the heating and cooling expenses and energy usage for a home.  Similarly, selecting the right window treatments can also make a big impact on reducing energy needs.  Unlike new windows, upgrading window treatments also allows a style upgrade to your home’s decor, costs less, and doesn’t require homeowners to rebuild and repaint the area around the windows!



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