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Bali® DiamondCell® Perfect Arch Cellular Shades: Blackout Midnight and Legacy

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24" x 36"
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Note: Due to increased demand, delivery times for Bali arched shades are currently about 5 days longer than usual.

  • Perfect arch shade is a stationary half circle of insulation cellular shade fabric
  • Shades ordered online must have a height exactly half of the ordered width ("perfect" arch)
  • To order non-perfect arch or other specialty shades please contact our customer care team
  • Blackout fabrics block up to 99% of incoming light and damaging UV rays
  • Energy efficient, room insulating fabrics absorb heat, cold and outside noise

This style is also available in

  • Also available in this style
  • Also available in this style
  • Also available in this style
  • Perfect arches require the radius of the circle to be constant at all points (height is exactly 1/2 the width)
  • All arches are stationary
  • Brackets for outside mount installations will be visible
  • To order an arch as part of a rectangular window, please contact our sales department
  • Orders for non-perfect arches (where the height does not equal half the width) will be placed on hold and you will need to send in a template of your window
  • Specifications
  • Width 9" - 60"
  • Height 12" - 42"
  • Minimum inside-mount depth 3/4"
  • Minimum flush-mount depth 1 7/8"
  • Minimum outside-mount space 7/8"
  • Headrail depth and height 1 9/16" x 11/16"

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Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Bright White - 3864

Midnight 3/8" Double Cell Bright White 3864 (add $4.00)

Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Bright White - 3864
  • Midnight 3/8" Double Cell Bright White 3864 (add $4.00)

Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell

Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Bright White - 3864
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Dove - 3870
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Alabaster - 3811
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Bone - 3812
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Popcorn - 3827
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Sailor's Knot - 3824
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Mesa - 3866
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Sand - 3815
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Camel - 3854
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Cherry - 3806
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Treehouse - 3823
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Summer Lemonade - 3814
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Oregano - 3846
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Mossy Glen - 3830
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Sky Blue - 3829
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Wild Wolf - 3828
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Canyon Gray - 3831
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Museum - 3848
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Squirrel Tail - 3851
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Falcon - 3847
Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Thunder Cloud - 3850

Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell

Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Bright White - 0464
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Dove - 0470
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Alabaster - 0411
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Popcorn - 0427
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Bone - 0412
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Sailor's Knot - 0404
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Mesa - 0466
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Sand - 0415
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Camel - 0454
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Cherry - 0406
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Treehouse - 0423
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Summer Lemonade - 0414
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Oregano - 0446
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Mossy Glen - 0430
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Sky Blue - 0429
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Wild Wolf - 0428
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Canyon Gray - 0431
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Museum - 0448
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Squirrel Tail - 0451
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Falcon - 0447
Midnight - 3/8" Single Cell Thunder Cloud - 0450

Legacy - 3/4" Single Cell

Legacy - 3/4" Single Cell White Lace - 2701
Legacy - 3/4" Single Cell Creamery - 2711
Legacy - 3/4" Single Cell Macaroon - 2712
Legacy - 3/4" Single Cell Palm Tree - 2713
Legacy - 3/4" Single Cell Cocoa Bean - 2714
Legacy - 3/4" Single Cell Chipotle - 2719
Legacy - 3/4" Single Cell Light Avocado - 2718
Legacy - 3/4" Single Cell Glacier Blue - 2717
Legacy - 3/4" Single Cell Seagull - 2716
Legacy - 3/4" Single Cell Hiking Trail - 2715
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Select a mount option:

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Mount refers to whether the treatment will be mounted within the window frame (inside mount) or on the wall surrounding the window (outside mount).

For an inside mount, please provide us with the exact dimensions of the window frame.  Any deductions to the size of your shade will be made by the manufacturer.

For an outside mount, please enter the width and height of the window-covering itself.  We recommend adding at least 4 inches to the width of the window, and 4 inches to the height of the window.  This will allow for proper overlap with the wall.




Inside mount blinds will fit within the window casing for a clean, custom look.  Enter the actual size of your window casing, NOT the size of your old blind.  We will make the necessary deductions to make the blind fit properly.  Make sure your window meets the minimum inside mount specifications, or flush mount specifications if desired.


Outside mount blinds will be installed on the wall above the window, covering the window entirely.  Enter the size you want the finished product to be, including the desired overlap beyond the window.  The ordered height will include the hardware for blinds and shades.  The width of the headrail may be slightly wider than the ordered width to accomodate operating controls and valance returns.  The outside mount option is required if your window is not deep enough to install the blind as an inside mount.

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Left blind



Center blind

Right blind

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Select an arch position option:

Learn more about arch position

When making your shade, the manufacturer can include the proper brackets to mount your shade within an arch (standalone) or as part of a palladium window where a rectangular shade will be mounted below the arched shade (arch over standard).

Stand-Alone Arch

Stand-Alone Arch


Choose this option when the window has a rectangular section on the bottom and an arched section on the top, such as a palladium window.  You must order a standard shade with the same width as the arch.  The manufacturer will attach the arch to the top of the rectangular or "standard" shade, giving you one window treatment for the two parts of your window.


Choose this option when your arch is separate from another section of window - that is, the half-circle shape is completely framed in.

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Optional information:

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Used on our order forms, the window nickname is one that you assign to the windows in a room.  This helps you keep track of your order when a room has multiple windows.  We recommend including a room name and numbering the windows sequentially (for example, "Bedroom window #2"), but you may use any system you like.

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Primary Product Color:

Midnight - 3/8" Double Cell Bright White




Width x Height:
24" x 36"

Arch Position:



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- $41.86
33% off

Enjoy these special savings

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    Save 33%
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5 stars

"Great Purchase"

on April 30, 2011

The blinds fit exactly and installed easily.  Block all of the glare on the TV.

5 stars

"Just as advertized"

on April 30, 2011

The blinds arrived on time and installed easily.  Work just like advertized.

4 stars

"Great Buy"

by Brandon from Northern, KY on June 11, 2016

I looked everywhere to find an arch shade to fit our arch window that is over a standard window. Lowe's, Home Depot, and several other specialty blinds companies couldn't help me, at least online. I was able to place my order online through Blinds Galore with ease. The blind arrived quickly! However, because Blinds Galore required the height to be exactly two times the width, I had to order the blind knowing that that the blind was going to be too long for my window. Once I received the blind, I cut a half inch off of the width and it fit perfectly. Through this process, I wish that you could order the arch blind to exact specifications.

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