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How To Choose Between Blinds And Shades

Blinds are hard treatments with slats made out of woods and metals while shades are a continuous piece of soft material on your window. Thinking about how much you value controlling light, maintaining privacy and your style will guide you.

light control

Light Control

Blinds provide flexible light control. You can adjust the slats open or closed or anywhere in between. A little light will leak in around the slats and edges.

Light Control shades

Light Control

From blackout to barely there, shades can solve any light needs.

privacy blind


Blinds create good privacy when fully closed.

privacy shades


So many types of fabrics allow shades to be completely opaque to very sheer and anywhere in between.

your style blinds

Your Style

Wood style blinds come in neutral and natural stains, and metals in many colors.

your style shades

Your Style

You’ll have a plentitude of fabrics and colors with the softer look of shades.