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Simple Fit Pop-In Cellular Shade: Light Filtering

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24" x 36"
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Simple Fit Pop-In Cellular Shades have it all, from insulating honeycomb fabrics to fashionable colors and the easiest no-tools installation available today.  No drills, no brackets, and no screws needed, they just pop into place inside your window frame.

Safety is built into the Simple Fit design with cordless operation standard on all shades for peace of mind.  With a plethora of color choices, you'll find just the right one for any room.  And if you need more light control, a top down bottom up feature is available as an option.

  • Exclusive patented design requires no tools, brackets or screws to quickly and easily install
  • Compression mounting system is as secure as brackets and screws when installed properly
  • Can be installed in Palladian windows or part way down the window casing of any window
  • Single cell construction with 9/16" pleats provides excellent insulation and sound absorption
  • Double cell construction with 7/16" pleats provides superior insulation and sound absorption
  • Top of the line standard cordless system provides easy operation and child safety
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Made to order in the USA
  • D-Cell structure ensures the new crisp honeycomb look of your shade that will last a lifetime.
  • Shade comes with color coordinating headrail
  • Specifications
  • Width 19" - 84"
  • Height 10" - 82"
  • Minimum inside-mount depth 1 1/2"
  • Minimum flush-mount depth 2"
  • Headrail depth and height 1 3/4" x 1 1/2"

Please note the following exceptions to the above specifications.

  • Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up Lift
  • Height 10" - 72"

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Although we color-correct each scan as accurately as possible, the colors displayed on your screen may not depict an accurate reproduction of the actual swatch color due to the inconsistencies of various computer monitors.

Snow - PLS310001SF001

Snow PLS310001SF001

Snow - PLS310001SF001Snow - PLS310001SF001
  • Snow PLS310001SF001

Single Cell

Snow - PLS310001SF001
Chardonnay - PLS310003SF006
Ghost White - PLS310070SF002
Honeydew - PLS310013SF002
Mist - PLS310069SF001
SeaShell - PLS310002SF002
Linen - PLS310004SF006
Cornsilk - PLS310005SF006
Wheat - PLS310006SF006
Khaki - PLS310008SF006
Almond - PLS310009SF006
Bisque - PLS310007SF006
Golden Rod - PLS310010SF006
Peru - PLS310011SF006
Mocha - PLS310012SF012
Dark Chocolate - PLS310326SF012
Mint - PLS310014SF002
Moss - PLS310015SF015
Cherry Blossom - PLS310016SF016
Rose - PLS310017SF016
Auburn - PLS310018SF019
Sangria - PLS310019SF019
Zinfandel - PLS310020SF012
Smoke - PLS310021SF001
Aqua - PLS310022SF001
Slate - PLS310023SF025
Denim - PLS310024SF025
Midnight - PLS310025SF025
Lavender - PLS310026SF002
Pinot - PLS310027SF025

Double Cell

Snow - PLX3A0001SF001
Chardonnay - PLX3A0003SF006
Ghost White - PLX3A0070SF002
Honeydew - PLX3A0013SF002
Mist - PLX3A0069SF001
SeaShell - PLX3A0002SF002
Linen - PLX3A0004SF006
Cornsilk - PLX3A0005SF006
Wheat - PLX3A0006SF006
Khaki - PLX3A0008SF006
Almond - PLX3A0009SF006
Bisque - PLX3A0007SF006
Golden Rod - PLX3A0010SF006
Peru - PLX3A0011SF006
Mocha - PLX3A0012SF012
Dark Chocolate - PLX3A0326SF012
Mint - PLX3A0014SF002
Moss - PLX3A0015SF015
Cherry Blossom - PLX3A0016SF016
Rose - PLX3A0017SF016
Auburn - PLX3A0018SF019
Sangria - PLX3A0019SF019
Zinfandel - PLX3A0020SF012
Smoke - PLX3A0021SF001
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For an outside mount, please enter the width and height of the window-covering itself.  We recommend adding at least 4 inches to the width of the window, and 4 inches to the height of the window.  This will allow for proper overlap with the wall.




Inside mount blinds will fit within the window casing for a clean, custom look.  Enter the actual size of your window casing, NOT the size of your old blind.  We will make the necessary deductions to make the blind fit properly.  Make sure your window meets the minimum inside mount specifications, or flush mount specifications if desired.

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The control which raises and lowers the blind or shade; options vary by product but may include a traditional pull cord, continuous cord control, cordless lift, or motorization.




Effortlessly raise and lower your shade with a gentle push or pull on the bottomrail.  Cordless lift shades are the safest window treatment alternative for children and pets.  They also offer added convenience and an uncluttered look.


Allows the operation of the shade from the top down, the bottom up or both to combine privacy and light control.  Will have two handles to raise and lower shade.  Extra fabric on headrail eliminates any light gap when shade is raised to headrail.  Hardware color is color coordinated to fabric.

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Primary Product Color:

Single Cell Snow




Width x Height:
24" x 36"




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- $57.62
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5 stars

"No tools, no holes!"

by johnion from Coatesville, PA on April 10, 2017

My wife and I bought these to install on our windows with vinyl returns. We wanted internal mounted shades but didn't want to have to drill into the vinyl. Simple fit shades were the solution! Installation was simple and the shades can easily be removed and rehung anytime. Just be sure to take accurate measurements for a perfect fit.

5 stars

"Kitchen Windows"

by catemcc from West Greenwich, RI on November 27, 2015

Love these blinds!!  We feel it was well worth the extra cost to get quality.  No cords, no gizmos to get in the way.  Smooth handling up & down.  Installation was ridiculously simple.  Our main window is 65" wide & there was no need for a middle support bracket (sweet).  Thin profile & tight fit helps these blinds blend nicely with our window trim.  Shades do a nice job of blocking the harsh sun in wintertime without any gaps or peek-boo-holes.  Just perfect.

5 stars

"Exactly As Advertised"

on November 16, 2015

This is a great value for the money!  I put it on an odd size window I have in my office and fits perfectly.  Truly, easy to install, no tools :)

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