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Stylish Blackout Roller Shades

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Stylish Blackout Roller Shades

  • Block up to 99% of incoming light and UV rays
  • Ideal choice for media rooms and sun-facing windows
  • Blackout roller shades raise into a thin roll to preserve your view
  • Minimalist look with a variety of colors and textures
  • Easy to maintain and operate with cordless options

Blackout roller shades are one of the most popular styles of blackout shades that we offer at Blindsgalore. These minimalist window treatments allow for maximum visibility when they aren't being used. When down, they provide insulation, privacy, and compliment any style of decor. Blackout roller window shades are perfect for times when you need to sleep during the day or want to watch a movie without the intrusive glare from the sun. These shades reduce heat, block harmful UV rays, and allow for a secure sense of privacy in any room of the house including the bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom and can even be fitting for RV and motorhome windows.

Blackout roller shades are able to be configured with a number of popular features including cordless options, motorized and they can even be made smart home compatible. They are also available in a complete opaque blackout style shade or a semi-opaque light filtering style.

Blindsgalore has blackout shades in a number of other styles including blackout roman shades, blackout cellular shades, and blackout skylight shades.

In addition to the Blindsgalore brand blackout roller shades, we offer similar window treatments from Bali, The Boutique, Levolor, and Simply Chic in a large variety of different colors. They are also available for large windows, French doors and sliding glass and other patio doors.

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