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Mini Blinds, Custom Aluminum & Vinyl Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are durable and practical, making them suitable for almost any room. If you’re looking for traditional horizontal blinds that don’t require a lot of upkeep, mini blinds are a great choice. These blinds are available in a wide array of colors can be easily customized with a variety of options.

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Customizable Options

Lift Option

lift options

  • Standard

    A standard lift cord with a simple locking mechanism that will allow you to effortless raise and lower your mini blind.
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  • Cordless

    Remove dangling cords for a cleaner look that’s safe around pets and small children. Raise and lower your blind using the bottom rail.
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  • Motorized

    Motorized products are naturally cordless and can be remotely controlled for hard-to-reach windows or as an added luxury.
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  • Aluminum

    Lighter and more durable, but may crease or bend.
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  • PVC/Vinyl

    Flexible and easier to clean, but may crack over time.
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Slat Size

slat size

  • The bigger your window, the larger the slat size should be. Larger slats are also more useful in high-traffic areas as they can endure more wear and tear.
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Light Control

light control

  • Routeless

    Removes the visible openings where the cord goes through each slat to reduce incoming light.
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