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Custom Mini Blinds - Aluminum & Vinyl


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Aluminum and Vinyl Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are durable and practical, making them suitable for almost any room. If you’re looking for traditional horizontal blinds that don’t require a lot of upkeep, mini blinds are a great choice. These blinds are available in a wide array of colors can be easily customized with a variety of options.

The Benefits of Mini Blinds

We have a whole blog dedicated to the many benefits of custom mini blinds. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and easy on the wallet.

How They Work

All blinds are most commonly operated through the use of a wand, cords, or continuous corded loop. The cord or wand are used to tilt the slats all the way open, closed or anywhere in between. Another cord is designated for raising and lowering the entire stack of slats. It is important to check if all the slats are properly aligned before adjusting them to avoid possible damage. We also offer a large selection of cordless and motorized products, which are recommended for safety in homes with small children or pets.

What To Consider When Selecting Your Mini Blinds

Slat Size

Designated sizes for mini blind slats are most often 1/2", 1", 1 3/8", 2", and 2 1/2". Blinds with 1/2" slats are referred to as micro mini blinds and are well suited for smaller windows. One inch is the most common size, and also the most versatile. Two-inch slats and above are best suited for very large windows. The purpose of different sizes is to maintain clean style and proper function. Too many horizontal lines on a large window may be dizzying, while not enough lines on a small window is not visually appealing. The bigger your window, the larger the slat size should be. It is also much easier to operate the blinds when they are appropriately sized.


Mini blinds are available in a few different materials: aluminum mini blinds and vinyl mini blinds. These materials are durable and able to stand up to the strains and pressures of a busy, fully-occupied household. Aluminum mini blinds are lighter and more durable, but may crease or bend. PVC/Vinyl mini blinds are more flexible and easier to clean, but may crack over time.


Gauge of aluminum blinds refers to the thickness of the metal slats. There are three levels of gauges including 6, 8, and 9, all of which are intended for particular styles of windows. Install eight- and nine-gauge aluminum blinds in rooms that get the most wear and tear. Six-gauge slats are the thinnest, and can be used in any room, but are best suited for rooms with less traffic.

Customizable Options


  • Standard: A standard lift cord with a simple locking mechanism that will allow you to effortless raise and lower your mini blind.
  • Cordless: Remove dangling cords for a cleaner look that’s safe around pets and small children. Raise and lower your blind using the bottom rail.
  • Motorized: Motorized products are naturally cordless and can be remotely controlled for hard-to-reach windows or as an added luxury.

Light Control

  • Routeless: Removes the visible openings where the cord goes through each slat to reduce incoming light.

How to Measure and Install Mini Blinds

For assistance measuring for your custom aluminum or vinyl mini blinds, check out our measuring tips for mini blinds.

We also have specific installation guides for all of the mini blinds available on our site.

If you need any assistance measuring, installing, or customizing your mini blinds, don’t hesitate to reach out to our in-house team of design experts over the phone (877.702.5463) or via email (

To review samples or discuss custom solutions for your home, you can also book a virtual one-on-one appointment with our virtual designer.

Mini Blinds FAQ

Mini blinds are the most common style window treatment. They have classic horizontal slats, typically made out of PVC or vinyl, generally in smaller widths than standard wood/faux blinds. They’re a no-frills, economical choice that’s built to last.

The primary difference between blinds and mini blinds are the width of the individual slats. Mini blinds have thinner slats, hence the name. We offer mini blinds with ½-inch slats, 1-inch slats, 1 3/8-inch slats, and 2-inch slats. Typical wood and faux wood blind slats are 2-inches or larger.

Blindsgalore’s custom mini blinds have a starting price that’s generally under $50. They’re the most economical choice for new homeowners or renters, offering light and privacy control at an affordable price. As with all of our products, final cost will depend on individual size and included customizations.

Mini blinds are measured just like many of our other window treatments. The most important factor to consider is whether you’re mounting them inside our outside of the window frame. From there, you’ll only need a handful of measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

Specific mini blind measuring guides for both inside and outside mounts can be found here.

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