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roman shades & roman blinds

Roman Shades & Roman Blinds

  • Custom fabrics for every taste
  • Fabric shades with the look of drapery
  • Material folds up seamlessly accordion style
  • Many choices of materials and patterns
  • Elegant feel, simple construction
  • Insulated, darkening, filtering or sheer
  • Click here to see your fold type options

Roman Shades combine the beauty and softness of a fabric drape with the ease and practicality of custom shades. Blindsgalore offers the two principal styles: flat fold or teardrop style. Flat roman shades are made of a continuous piece of material that hangs flat on the window, providing a smooth fold that gives a room a simple, casual, look. The teardrop or hobbled roman shade has a series of cascading folds that ripple down the window, creating a more traditional, sophisticated look. The teardrop or hobbled roman shade has a series of cascading folds that ripple down the window, creating a more traditional, sophisticated look. Top down bottom up, cordless, motorized and all levels of room darkening make the roman shade one of the most versatile and popular window treatments. Roman shades can be bright and cheerful or can effortlessly blend in to create a relaxed and comfortable ambiance.

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Bali® Tailored Roman Shades - Solid Colors

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Bali® Tailored Roman Shades - Patterns and Stripes

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Roman Shades

Roman shades, also known as fabric shades, combine the beauty of fabric window treatments with the easy operation of a shade. Elegant and versatile, roman shades come in a wide variety of styles and features from insulated, to room darkening and blackout, to light filtering and sheer. Roman shades have the style and options that can work well with almost any decor. Blindsgalore makes shopping for roman shades easy and very affordable. No need to leave your home. Simply pick your product and get it delivered right to your door. Choose from top-quality brands such as Bali, Levolor, Comfortex as well as our own high-quality signature line.

Fold Types

Roman Shades come in four different fold styles: relaxed, flat, plain, and hobbled. Flat and relaxed fold roman shades offer a more classic or modern look, while hobbled or plain fold styles lend themselves toward more formal, elegant settings and decors.

Relaxed Fold

A relaxed fold, also called a European or casual fold, has a smooth, drapery-like appearance with a gentle curve of fabric stacked on the bottom rail.

Flat Fold

A flat folded roman shade, also called a seamless fold, lies flat like a continuous piece of fabric, making it an ideal choice for bold patterns or prints.

Plain Fold

Plain folded romans offer a clean structure with seamed fold lines. Each pleat of fabric is backed with sturdy bars to strengthen the shade.

Hobbled Fold

Also known as a waterfall or teardrop, a hobbled fold has larger, looped pleats of fabric that run the entire height of the shade. It is similar to a plain fold, but with larger, more outstanding pleats.


Since roman shades are also called fabric shades, there are obviously plenty choices available to you. Many of the materials used are a polyester blend for durability and stain resistance. However, there are also linen, cotton, faux suede, patterned fabrics, weaves and textured fabrics available.


Adding to roman shades' versatility is the range of available lift options including, top down bottom up, cordless, and motorized. Consider cordless roman shades if you have small children in your home, as dangling cords can be dangerous. Plus, cordless shades offer a cleaner, uncluttered look. Top down bottom up allows you to lower the shade from the top, raise it from the bottom, or both - this is a nice privacy and light control feature. Motorized roman shades provide the ultimate in cordless convenience and is especially useful for high or hard to reach windows.

Light Control

Opacity refers to the light filtering properties of a material. Roman shades come in every opacity imaginable – from semi-sheer (light filtering) to semi-opaque (medium room darkening) to opaque (room darkening or blackout). There's no shortage of options. Blackout roman shades, which use opaque fabrics, are a perfect choice for bedrooms, nurseries, and home theaters.


Roman shades are available in a wide selection of colors. You can also choose roman shades with patterns, stripes, and textures.

Custom Roman Shades

Custom roman shades are made based on your window measurements and specifications so they fit properly and work better. Our roman shades are of top quality and come in a much wider range of colors, styles, and options. The superior production process and premium materials used in our products help extend the life of your roman shades, as well as provide a superb product that complements your other home furnishings.

Roman Blinds

Roman shades are window shades. All window shades operate by either rolling up (like roller shades on a spring-loaded roll), or they fold up. Roman shades fold up. Each unit of the shade, folds unto itself.

customer reviews for roman shades

5 stars

"Easy to install"

By Debo from Knoxville, TN

We needed to cover three windows ( 110" in width) and wanted the blinds inside the window frame not on the outside. I needed two people to help install but just for marking the holes for installing the brackets. We like them for sure but we might not have gotten the blinds that also drop from the top because there is a lot of extra string that we have to hide. I guess we really only needed blinds that rise from the bottom up. We have the only lowered the top a few times and realistically may never do that again.

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5 stars

"nice blind"

By GenGen from Los Angeles, CA

We purchased Roman shades to darken our bedroom.  They were easy to install and look nice over the window.

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