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Custom Roman Shades and Blinds

  • Custom fabrics for every taste
  • Fabric shades with the look of drapery
  • Material folds up seamlessly accordion style
  • Many choices of materials and patterns
  • Elegant feel, simple construction
  • Insulated, darkening, filtering or sheer
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Roman Shades combine the beauty and softness of a fabric drape with the ease and practicality of custom shades. Blindsgalore offers the two principal styles: flat fold or teardrop style. Flat roman shades are made of a continuous piece of material that hangs flat on the window, providing a smooth fold that gives a room a simple, casual, look. The teardrop or hobbled roman shade has a series of cascading folds that ripple down the window, creating a more traditional, sophisticated look. Top down bottom up, cordless, motorized and all levels of room darkening make the roman shade one of the most versatile and popular window treatments. Roman shades can be bright and cheerful or can effortlessly blend in to create a relaxed and comfortable ambiance.


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Roman Shade FAQ

Roman shades are a pleated window treatment made with soft fabric that gathers evenly as it raises. These unique coverings offer the function of shades combined with the appeal of drapery. Roman shades are available with several light filtering options, including blackout, and a variety of fold types.

Each fold type will offer a unique look and will be just one of the many customizable options available to you. Because these shades are made of fabric, you’ll also have the option to choose a solid color as well as unique patterns. You can even include motorization on your roman shades for the ultimate convenience.

Our Blindsgalore Designer Roman Shade is our most popular roman shade, and is available in both solid colors and intriguing patterns. All of our Blindsgalore roman shades are available with a variety of different fold types and features, making them customizable to suit any need.

If you are interested in a pattern, we recommend a flat folded roman shade to better display your fabric. For solid colors, we love the billowy look of a soft fold to help add dimension to your windows. In general, you can’t go wrong with the sophisticated look of a roman shade.

Because of the large pieces of high-quality fabric, roman shades are considered among the most luxurious styles of window covering. Prices will start at roughly $100 (for a 24x36 window) and can go upwards of $1000, depending on the size of the window, options and materials considered.

Our Blindsgalore Designer Roman Shades are a fantastic place to start shopping, while our Boutique Roman Shades: Patterns carry more of our specialty fabrics.

Compared to your average window treatment, roman shades can be considered a bit more expensive. To be fair, nothing can match the visual impact and beauty of a roman shade. As of style, they will always remain in vogue.

Roman shades are also not something you can buy off a shelf. These shades are all custom made to your exact measurements to ensure the ideal look and a perfect fit. If you keep your options simple, it’s easy to enjoy the style without breaking the bank.

As evident by their name, the roman shade dates back to the ancient Roman civilization. That’s more than 2000 years ago and the upscale appeal of these shades is still enjoyed in homes and business to this day. Obviously, they’re doing something right.

Roman shades have been fashionable since their inception, able to add dimension to both contemporary interiors and old school spaces. They’ve never been out of style and, if we’re to judge, they’ll stay that way. Rather than “trendy”, we consider roman shades timeless.

customer reviews for roman shades

5 stars

"Looks great"

By Paul from Cary, NC

We are never disappointed buying at Blindsgalore. This is the 3rd or 4th time that we purchased your blinds. They all look great and are easy to install. The latest one was for our 48"x48" bathroom window. We needed a roman shade because of the location. It looks excellent and has received a lot of compliments.

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5 stars

"Was so psyched to find these"

By John from CA

I didn't know of the existence of top-down bottom-up shades, and was super psyched to discover them, they're ideal for where we live--to provide privacy without blocking light, and leaving us a glimpse of the sky. I was nervous about buying something fairly expensive (we needed a very long shade) without seeing it, but they sent a swatch quickly, and were patient and very helpful when I called with questions. The blinds were pretty much exactly as described, which was great. I'm a little handy but not a lot, and was able to install them without problems--my one piece of advice is, especially for longer blinds, make sure to put the attachment points as close to the edge of the blind as suggested, otherwise the force of pulling the cord might bend the aluminum. Not because it's particularly fragile, but with a long bling, there's enough weight that you want to minimize leverage. We've had these up for a few months now and I continue to be pleased by them, and we've gotten compliments.

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