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Fresh Ideas for French Doors

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As a designer, I love one simple idea that makes a big impact and French Doors are at the top of that list.  A French Door is a door made up of rectangular glass panels that extend to the full length of the door. French Doors can truly elevate your space by providing exquisite illumination and a sense of proportion Continue Reading ...
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Ideas For Treating A Bay Window

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As a sought after architectural feature, bay windows can be as extravagant as a stunning exterior building attribute on a Victorian home or as simple as a bit of additional space behind the sink in a modest kitchen. Whether they house a sunny breakfast nook, frame the coziest window seat, or frame the view of the hills in an elegant Continue Reading ...
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It Isn’t Easy Being a Skylight as a Window Treatment Idea

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Skylights in your home are just plain awesome and the natural light and changing skyscapes that glow through these windows are an unexpected and valued design element. Your home is bathed in sun and moonshine and cool breezes can softly move through your living space. However, these windows are hard to reach and are often oversize and can make your Continue Reading ...
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Vertical Blinds Show Off Patio Door Window Treatment Ideas

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Patio doors give rooms brilliant light but can also be a challenge as you love the brightness, the view, the vistas and the feeling of being outside, but you also thrive on privacy and the need for a quiet and dark place to sleep at night. Yes, you can have the best of both of these worlds and Vertical blinds Continue Reading ...
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Stunning Arched Window Treatment Ideas

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If you’re lucky enough to move into a house with arched windows, be happy! Not only do you get to enjoy this beautiful architectural detail, you also get to be quite creative about covering these kinds of windows. Or should you cover them at all? Arched windows are among the trickiest ones to deal with because they are such a Continue Reading ...
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4 Summertime Patio Door Window Treatment Ideas

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It is becoming that special time of year where the days are longer and the nights are warmer.  The sun shines high and bright all day and you can take full advantage of the seasonal glow and summer air with these 4 summer patio door window treatment ideas.  The beautiful weather means your patio will be the gateway to where Continue Reading ...
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3 “Cool” Large Window Treatment Ideas

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Large windows make a dramatic impact in any room and create vistas of light, but they can also make a huge impact on your energy bill, especially in the summer when the sun starts beating down and heating up your room. As the temperature rises, here are three innovative large window treatment ideas that will improve the look and feel Continue Reading ...
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Curtains for Small Windows & Ideas

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Large windows always make a bold statement and are wonderfully fun to design, but small windows can be just as creative or more. I have a handful of thoughts for curtains for small windows and ideas, so if you have small windows, rejoice! You can splurge on a fabulous premium fabric because you won’t need as much material. With curtains Continue Reading ...