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A Window Into Women Entrepreneurs

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Working for two women with a fresh, inspiring outlook on ecommerce has reenergized my interest in writing and has served as an exemplary introduction to the corporate world. It all started while I was frantically working the cash register at a small home décor store. I was approached by two plucky women who plunked a cartful of stuff onto my Continue Reading ...
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Swan Song for Summer

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We anticipate and anxiously await summer-the languid, long days and nights, a few stolen moments of stillness to soak in the healing rays of the sun, a tart lemonade on the patio and before we know it, dark descends more quickly, the winds change and we grab a sweater in the evening. Pouf! Summer slips away. Before our favorite season Continue Reading ...
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Color Crush On Tulips

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Tulips burst the spring with color, often the first flower to push through even snow covered ground to announce the emergence of all things blooming. I can’t resist the brilliant shades of tulips as their pureness and vibrancy of hue magnify an unsurpassed elegance. Even the colors of tulips symbolize a specific meaning. Red signifies true love; yellow refers to Continue Reading ...
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Mood, Movies and Mise en Scène

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Three Oscar nominated movies are on my mind as we anticipate the Academy Awards. Movies create moods, just like your home and I thought it might be fun to explore how 3 award nominated movies use “mise en scène” in décor to express the feelings and meanings of each film. “Mise en scène” is French for “placing on stage” or “put Continue Reading ...
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Unique Window Stories We Love

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Windows tell many stories as life passes through these enlightening spaces that fill up our homes. I am always intrigued by a few special ways that our friends here at Blindsgalore have creatively solved an unusual window quandary. Since we specialize in custom window treatments and have the expertise to tackle all kinds of problems, we love to find unique Continue Reading ...
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The Evolution of the Resolution

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We’ve been making New Year’s Resolutions since the beginning of time and breaking them ever since. Usually, our best intentions fizzle out before the end of January. That’s just enough time to remember how much effort these things take and why we never did them in the first place.     I suppose it’s because resolutions are the best way Continue Reading ...
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A Toast To Holiday Traditions

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Aromas, flavors, treasured heirlooms and unique holiday objects converge during this season to impress our memories with vivid anticipation of this cherished time. Each of us have family customs, some silly, some sacred, but always special. Here is a toast to holiday traditions. What are yours? Nutcrackers December wouldn’t be complete without a journey to the “Nutcracker Ballet.” Whether in Continue Reading ...
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Over The River And Through The Wood

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Over the River and Through the Wood Over the river and through the wood, All of us packed in a row. Siri guides the way, As we tweet all day, Through the white and drifted snow. Over the river and through the wood, Oh, how the traffic so slow. It’s such a beast, We’ll be late for the feast, As Continue Reading ...