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Levolor® Roller Shades: Light Filtering

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24" x 36"
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  • Diffuses incoming light to create a soft glow
  • Ideal for layering, shade lies flush with window
  • Features designer colors with a soft texture feel
  • Clean, minimalist shade can match any décor
  • Roller shades are easy to clean and care for

This style is also available in

  • Also available in this style
  • Also available in this style
  • Note: Inside mount shades will have up to a 3/4" light gap on each side
  • Note: To operate properly, the fabric on your shade will be up to 1 1/2" narrower than the width ordered.  Light seepage on the sides of the shade is inherent to the design of roller shades.  To reduce light seepage, consider ordering the shade as an outside mount.
  • Standard clutch control system allows perfect positioning of the shade at any height
  • Roller shade has white backing that faces toward the street.
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Specifications
  • Width 7" - 144"
  • Height 12" - 120"
  • Minimum inside-mount depth 3"
  • Minimum flush-mount depth 3 1/2"
  • Minimum outside-mount space 3"
  • Headrail depth and height 3" x 3 1/2"

Please note the following exceptions to the above specifications.

  • Cordless Lift
  • Width 18" - 96"

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Select a product color: (56 available)

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Product Color:

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FREE Swatch Samples:

Blindsgalore's Free Swatch Samples program lets you touch and compare fabrics, materials and/or colors before you order your custom window covering.  Simply click the scissor icon to add a free swatch to your cart (if a color doesn't have a scissor icon, swatches are temporarily unavailable for that color).  Order your swatches, then order the perfect color window treatment!

Color Disclaimer:

Although we color-correct each scan as accurately as possible, the colors displayed on your screen may not depict an accurate reproduction of the actual swatch color due to the inconsistencies of various computer monitors.

Aerial Whisper - 113WH017

Aerial Whisper 113WH017 (add $34.00)

Aerial Whisper - 113WH017
  • Aerial Whisper 113WH017 (add $34.00)


Aerial Whisper - 113WH017
Aerial Fresh Green - 113GE002
Aerial Marine - 113BL001
Aerial Toffee - 113BR008
Aerial Graphite - 113GY010
Aerial Iron - 113GY011


Cache Whisper - 113WH019
Cache Chiffon - 113WH025
Cache Doe - 113BE005
Cache Hazelnut - 113BR012
Cache Chipotle - 113RE004
Cache Storm Cloud - 113GY015

Designer Textures

Designer Textures Whisper - 11370200
Designer Textures Candlelight - 11370204
Designer Textures Mocha - 11370272
Designer Textures Navy - 11370234
Designer Textures Sangria - 11370801
Designer Textures Light Olive - 11370334
Designer Textures Light Gray - 11370343
Designer Textures Graphite - 11370345

Fala Pango

Fala Pango Ivory - 103WH022
Fala Pango Doe - 103BE003
Fala Pango Hazelnut - 103BR009
Fala Pango Kenya - 103ST011
Fala Pango Storm Cloud - 103GY013


Heathered Whisper - 113MT021
Heathered Cream - 113MT015
Heathered Sand - 113MT018
Heathered Bay Leaf - 113MT014
Heathered Slate - 113MT019
Heathered Graphite - 113MT016


Linen Cream - 113WH026
Linen Fresh Green - 11331622
Linen Graphite - 11331621
Linen Marine - 11331625
Linen Raffia - 11331607
Linen Sage - 11331619
Linen Slate - 11331615
Linen Toffee - 11331608

Olive Leaves

Olive Leaves China Blue - 113PR016
Olive Leaves Lotus - 113PR017
Olive Leaves Light Jade - 113PR018


Sheers Boucle Stripe Brown - 10333367


Watercolor Lotus - 113PR024
Watercolor Fawn - 113PR025
Watercolor Castle Blue - 113PR026

Tweed Rattan

Tweed Rattan Rosemary - 103MT035
Tweed Rattan Champagne - 10333341
Tweed Rattan Cinnamon - 10333342
Tweed Rattan Latte - 10333345
Tweed Rattan Mocha - 10333343

Lemongrass Stripe

Lemongrass Stripe Cream - 10333336
Lemongrass Stripe Champagne - 10333337
Lemongrass Stripe Mocha - 10333338
Lemongrass Stripe Light Gray - 10333339
Lemongrass Stripe Charcoal - 10333340
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Select a mount option:

Learn more about mount

Mount refers to whether the treatment will be mounted within the window frame (inside mount) or on the wall surrounding the window (outside mount).

For an inside mount, please provide us with the exact dimensions of the window frame.  Any deductions to the size of your shade will be made by the manufacturer.

For an outside mount, please enter the width and height of the window-covering itself.  We recommend adding at least 4 inches to the width of the window, and 4 inches to the height of the window.  This will allow for proper overlap with the wall.




Inside mount blinds will fit within the window casing for a clean, custom look.  Enter the actual size of your window casing, NOT the size of your old blind.  We will make the necessary deductions to make the blind fit properly.  Make sure your window meets the minimum inside mount specifications, or flush mount specifications if desired.


Outside mount blinds will be installed on the wall above the window, covering the window entirely.  Enter the size you want the finished product to be, including the desired overlap beyond the window.  The ordered height will include the hardware for blinds and shades.  The width of the headrail may be slightly wider than the ordered width to accomodate operating controls and valance returns.  The outside mount option is required if your window is not deep enough to install the blind as an inside mount.

step 4

Select a size:



Left blind



Center blind

Right blind

step 5

Select a lift option:

Learn more about lift

The control which raises and lowers the blind or shade; options vary by product but may include a traditional pull cord, continuous cord control, cordless lift, or motorization.

Cord Loop

Cord Loop


Loop and clutch system easily positions shade at any height.  Cord loop stays the same length regardless of shade position.  Easily raises even large shades.


Cordless lift option provides your windows with the ease of lifting and lowering your shade without dangling cords cluttering your window.  Cordless lift will also give you peace of mind for homes with children and pets.

step 6

Select a roll style option:

Learn more about roll style

Select which direction the fabric will come off the roll at the top of the shade.  Consider the look of the shade, how much light control you will need, and whether there are any obstructions that the shade must clear.

Standard Roll

Standard Roll


Fabric rolls off the front of the shade, hiding the fabric roll.  The fabric on a standard roll shade comes off the back of the roll, which exposes both the roll and the back of the fabric.  Reverse roll shades may offer less light control because the fabric hangs farther from the window glass.


Fabric rolls off the back of the shade, allowing the fabric to hang closer to the window for optimal light control.  The back of the fabric will be visible on the roll.

step 7

Select a hem option:

Learn more about hems

You may choose to upgrade the bottom edge of your window treatment.  A decorative hem has a distinctive pattern cut into the bottom of the shade and is finished with your choice of trim or fringe.  Other hem options include the size of the hem, material used or other type of hem depending on the product.

No hem

No hem


A decorative cut along the bottom of the shade for a more elegant appearance.  Available with your choice of gimp trim color.

Hem trim:
Black Fringe
Black Gimp
Cedar Fringe
Cedar Gimp
Gold Fringe
Gold Gimp
Gray Fringe
Gray Gimp
Rose Fringe
Rose Gimp
Vanilla Fringe
Vanilla Gimp
White Fringe
White Gimp
step 8

Select a valance option:

Learn more about valances

Valances are the decorative piece used as a finishing touch to hide the headrail of a window treatment.  The valance material typically matches the material of the product unless otherwise stated.  Depending on the product, you may be able to choose the valance style, color, or size.

No valance

No valance


This optional valance is a 3 1/2" wide groover channel that contains the same fabric as the blind.
NOTE: For patterns where there are vertical lines, these lines will run horizontally in the valance.
Note: Valances must be ordered at the time of order and cannot be added after production.

Valance size: 3 1/2"
last step!

Optional information:

Learn more about optional information

Used on our order forms, the window nickname is one that you assign to the windows in a room.  This helps you keep track of your order when a room has multiple windows.  We recommend including a room name and numbering the windows sequentially (for example, "Bedroom window #2"), but you may use any system you like.

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Primary Product Color:

Aerial Whisper




Width x Height:
24" x 36"



Roll Style:







- $27.09
33% off

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- $27.09
33% off

Enjoy these special savings

  • Save Today 33% -
    Save 33%
  • OR
    + an extra -
    Save 15% Use coupon EARTH
    Expires 4/24/2017

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5 stars

"Great function, great form"

by None from Honolulu, Hi on December 30, 2016

Why anyone would use curtains or Venetian blinds or vertical blinds or drapes or any other style of window covering is beyond me.  These blinds fit our style.  They filter the sun, giving us more than enough light while eliminating hot spots in our Honolulu home.  Easy to install, easy to raise and lower, and easy on the eyes, the blinds are a great product.

5 stars

"Highest quality"

by Karen from Buffalo, NY on August 25, 2016

I've made the mistake of purchasing roller shades from other online vendors and will never make that mistake again. This is the 4th order I've now placed with Blindsgalore and I couldn't be happier. The light filtering blinds do exactly what they say they'll do - filter light. You get privacy from the blinds but the glow of sunlight behind it.  Exactly what we wanted for our living room.

5 stars

"Nice Choices and Options"

by Blind from San Diego, CA on August 19, 2015

Nice fabrics and options.  Pull them up to have a clear view outside.

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