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Beach House & Coastal Window Treatments

  • Reliable shades that withstand wet climates
  • Openness options to preserve your view
  • Tough materials that will stand the test of time
  • Block harsh incoming sun to protect your interior
  • Colorful or tranquil designs to match your décor

Coastal homes are subject to more moist environments and will require more from their window treatments. These beach areas also call for a range of stylized window treatments to help match the unique coastal décor. The best blinds and shades for these homes will be able to stand up to the harsh conditions while still preserving your stunning ocean views.

Utilizing natural materials in window treatments is a growing trend in beach cottage décor. Even materials that look natural, like faux woods, are a great choice that will stand up to damper, coastal conditions. Other materials like PVC, aluminum, and vinyl are also tough enough to stand up to the elements. Take a look at our impressive selection of coastal home window treatments and find the perfect fit in your special seaside locale.

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    24" x 36"

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  • Solar Screens
  • 10% Openness
  • 14% Openness
  • 3% Openness
  • Solids
  • Stripes
  • Blindsgalore Motorization
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  • Smart Home Compatible
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  • White / Off-White
  • Classroom
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  • Office
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  • Energy Efficient
  • Child Safe

customer reviews for coastal homes

5 stars

"Love my solar shade!"

By Trish from Lakewood Ranch, Fl

Purchased this solar shade for my east facing kitchen window and it’s perfect. Not only was it cost effective but it does a tremendous job keeping the summer Florida heat out of the kitchen. I got the 14% openess weave so I can still see outside but I get the benefits of the temperature blocking material. I have a large and high window over the sink so the motorized feature is crucial. The overall experience from ordering to delivery was excellent and I highly recommend Blindsgalore.

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5 stars

"For a high window that is rarely accessed - good quality for the price"

By Tanny from Seattle, WA

We purchased this shade for a very high window on the 2nd storey of a house above the entrance. That window that is rarely accessed but lets a lot of light into the house. At night we noticed that people can see into the house so it was time to purchase a shade and pay someone to install it. We are pleased with the 3% - Sheerweave 5000 Tweed Buckeye 5000Q95 that matches our wood brown trim. I selected a white color White Designer Cassette Valance to blend into the white painted walls. I had to fudge on the measurements and thought they were going to fit to be mounted inside, but I overestimated and they were mounted outside. Equally good in my opinion. The remote control is very simple and intuitive to use twice a day. With installation we paid around $500. Worth it!

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