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Beach House & Coastal Window Treatments

  • Reliable shades that withstand wet climates
  • Openness options to preserve your view
  • Tough materials that will stand the test of time
  • Block harsh incoming sun to protect your interior
  • Colorful or tranquil designs to match your décor

Coastal homes are subject to more moist environments and will require more from their window treatments. These beach areas also call for a range of stylized window treatments to help match the unique coastal décor. The best blinds and shades for these homes will be able to stand up to the harsh conditions while still preserving your stunning ocean views.

Utilizing natural materials in window treatments is a growing trend in beach cottage décor. Even materials that look natural, like faux woods, are a great choice that will stand up to damper, coastal conditions. Other materials like PVC, aluminum, and vinyl are also tough enough to stand up to the elements. Take a look at our impressive selection of coastal home window treatments and find the perfect fit in your special seaside locale.


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  • Size

    24" x 36"

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customer reviews for coastal homes

5 stars

"Classic blinds"

By Grandpop from Snyder, Oklahoma

We got the outside mount for the sliding glass door and the inside mount for the kitchen window. The outside mount blinds slide back and forth. The inside window mount blinds swing open. Both were very easy to install. We received assistance when placing the first order really just to make sure we were supplying the correct measurements.

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5 stars

"Classic Plantation blinds!"

By Grandpop from Snyder, Oklahoma

First we got the sliding blinds for our sliding door in our kitchen. Then, because we liked them so much, we ordered the swinging door blinds for the kitchen window. I’ve included pictures of both. We received assistance when ordering the sliding blinds as the location was unique, it didn’t require sides, only top rail and valance. (outside mount) Then, when we ordered the inside mount for the kitchen window, it required a top frame and a side frame for each side but no bottom frame because of the window sill. Both installations were fairly simple and look very professional!

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