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How to Get in the Mood to Measure Window Treatments

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The thrill of outfitting your home with new window treatments is a lot like diving headfirst into a swimming pool. You know it will be refreshing and ultimately rewarding, but just thinking about the initial shock of cold water can make you hesitate about jumping in. The process for measuring window treatments is often the ice cold shock most people Continue Reading ...
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5 Tricky Windows for Sunny Days

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Let’s face it, our windows are as unique as we all are. No two sets are exactly the same, yet each is beautiful in its own way. As one of the most important features in the home, windows are still often overlooked. Right as you begin dressing windows, you realize that some may be tricky to properly treat. There are Continue Reading ...
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What’s What About Windows

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They’re everywhere – on the tops of the highest buildings, snuck intricately into hidden corners, and even smack dab right in the middle of our walls. We love our windows but we’re quick to write them off without remembering how much they do for us. So…what about windows? Sure, I love to do a little bit of window shopping, but Continue Reading ...
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Roller Reminders

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Summer is here and while these long days and warm nights let you take advantage of fun outdoors, a comfortable home is also the ticket to an enjoyable summer.  Window treatments are most crucial during the summer when you are dealing with rising temperatures and everlasting sunshine.  Roller shades are a versatile window treatment for light control during these warm Continue Reading ...
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Install It Right! – Tips For Easy Install Of Window Treatments

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After picking out your perfect window treatments, following the measuring instructions, and placing your order, they have finally arrived at your doorstep. Woo-hoo! There’s only one problem – there’s no handyman included in the box. It looks like it’s up to you to save the day. It is time to transform you into an installation super hero – able to Continue Reading ...
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Quick Tips For Measuring & Installing Drapery

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Drapery is just the best, isn’t it? It’s always been one of my favorite window treatments because of its versatility. There are so many uses for these fabric panels around the home, such as giving a small window the illusion of grandeur or a decorative alternative for boring closet doors. They are happy to cover up your intellectual, yet visually Continue Reading ...