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Sizzling Summer Safety Tips

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Summer is here and the sun is in full blast mode, but don’t let summer’s sizzle keep you from getting together with family and friends and keeping everyone busy and safe. With beach trips, cookouts, campouts and everything in-between, here are my top seven ways to keep your cool this summer! 1. Check dangling cords. You don’t want any kids Continue Reading ...
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The Easiest Thing You’ll Do Today!

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Need to replace your broken blinds? Just log on to Blindsgalore. We’ll help you with everything you need. Simply make your selection, Carefully take your measurements, And place your order. If you have questions, just call us up. Now, you just have to wait for delivery. When your blinds arrive, read the instructions carefully. Then, grab your tools and get Continue Reading ...
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44 Earth Shattering Facts About Our Planet Earth

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Earth is the only known planet in our solar system that can support human, plant, and animal life. Our world maintains the perfect distance from the sun, allowing us to flourish and thrive as we live out the day-to-day. It’s easy to take for granted; there’s no daily reminder pushing us to thank our planet for spinning so perfectly. Many Continue Reading ...
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Fifty Shades of Evil

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With all the scary movies re-imagined or re-released for the season, a good horror flick reminds me of all the creepy things lurking outside my windows. In a panic, I run around and close my windows and pull down the shades and furiously draw the curtains tightly. I thoughtlessly think that if I can’t see them, they can’t see me. Continue Reading ...
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Spooktacular Windows

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Halloween lets us venture to the dark side and conjure up all things frightful, from icky sweets and treats to gruesome costumes to scary stories. But for me, the spooky window welcomes all the ghosts, goblins, and dreadful creatures lurking in our nightmares. To celebrate the haunted spirit in us all…light up the darkness and open your home this Halloween Continue Reading ...
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Cool, Creative Window Treatment Ideas

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As much as I love our fantastic array of all styles of window treatments to design your way for a decorative, yet functional window covering, the DIY part of me is always yearning for a unique way to enhance the light and space that windows offer. For me, finding chic vintage or scrap fabrics or cast-off “objets d’art” (just means Continue Reading ...
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7 Extreme Window Treatments You Didn’t Know Existed!

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You know how window obsessed I am and think that windows are an iconic image in film, poetry, literature, art and, of course, design but I want to share with you some very real and unusual window treatments that portray some actual extreme window treatments. Should you ever need a special window idea or want to spice up your “trivia Continue Reading ...
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Don’t Miss The Windows Of The Swiss

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Switzerland is just stunning. The Alps, the soaring green vistas, and the traditional chalets make you feel as if you’ve touched down in a fairy tale. I had the recent opportunity to visit this enchanting country and it really was as beautiful as I had imagined it to be. From the idyllic mountain towns to the bustling cosmopolitan city centers, Continue Reading ...