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Arched Window Treatment Ideas

Arched windows make a unique architectural addition to any home. Before picking out a treatment for your arched windows, it's important to first determine whether you have a perfect or an imperfect arch.

Perfect arches

If your arched window's height is exactly half of its width, you have a perfect arch. we recommend a stationary cellular shade that will add insulation while filtering or blocking incoming light.

Light Filtering

Blocks less than 95% of light

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Room Darkening

Block between 95% and 99% of light

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Block 100% of light

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Imperfect Arches

Imperfect Arches

If your window is an imperfect arch, meaning its height is not half of its width you will need to send us a template of your window. Please contact me one of our Design Experts for detailed instructions on how to create this template. We're happy to help!

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Palladian Or Arch-Topped Windows

Palladian or Arch-Topped Windows

For Palladian windows, and "arch over standard" option is available on most perfect arched cellular shade orders. As long as your window is under 40" wide, this will give you the option to treat the rectangular portion of your window with a side-mounted cellular shade with a slotted top. The arched cellular shade portion will fit into this slot to accommodate the top of your window. If your window's width is over 40", we recommend speaking to one of our design experts to discuss a solution at 1 (877)-702-5463

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