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Two Story Window Treatments

Having a two story room in your home is a great opportunity to indulge your sense of the dramatic. These soaring, open spaces are often the focus point of many homes and two story window treatments offer a chance to accentuate a breathtaking, centerpiece view. However, two story window treatments can also be a bit of a puzzle, and there are several directions that a novice or professional designer can go, depending on their priorities for the room as a whole.

First, ask yourself how important light control and privacy are for this space. Often, the two story room is either the entrance hall, dining room or living room area. Are you going to want a complete blackout treatment? If no one will be using the space during the day, this might not be as much of a factor. For living room/dining room spaces where privacy and light are both moderate but not crucial concerns, consider a solar shade. They are available in a broad spectrum of opacity and also in numerous colors and styles, allowing for different lighting effects. They will suitably block out glare while also screening the interior to address privacy concerns. However, solar shades are semi-transparent when lit from inside at night. If complete privacy is a requirement, look into a sturdier wood blind or roller shades. Another attractive and practical consideration for all three of these options is that they can be fitted with a mechanical raising and lower mechanism, allowing you to control them with a simple button instead of struggling with awkward, 18' long cords. Most likely, any two story window treatments will need to be custom jobs, and the blindsgalore customer support staff will be happy to talk you through this and answer any questions you might have.