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Bay Window Treatments

With their graceful sweeping lines and classic appeal, bay windows are a wonderful way to enhance any home. Whether you've recently built or renovated your own home, or moved into a new one, you'll find that your new bay windows will prove to be a hit with family and guests. But window treatments for bay windows have always been a puzzler for even the most accomplished interior decorators. It'd be a shame to settle for the wrong window treatment when you've got such a potential design asset already built in, so here are a few tips to help you make your bay windows really shine.

First off, treatments for bay windows require different hardware than standard window treatments. The window's curved dimensions and traditional three-pane design make even the barebones needed for a basic bay window treatment unique. It's best to keep things simple. Installing a customized curved track along the contours of your windows gives you complete freedom when picking your blinds afterwards. Choosing a double runner allows you to texture your hanging blinds, maybe try patterned lace on top of a solid cloth runner curtain, and also play with light control. Choose neutral fabrics on the lighter end of the spectrum so they do not overwhelm the room.