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Blindsgalore Remote Control and Motorized Blinds & Shades

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Blindsgalore Remote Control and Motorized Blinds & Shades

  • Wirelessly raise and lower your window coverings
  • Connect multiple shades for simultaneous operation
  • Multiple ways to power your shade, including solar
  • Include an optional Hub for smart home connectivity

Blindsgalore offers a variety of motorized window coverings that can be tilted, raised, or lowered with just the push of a button. Almost any type of blind or shade can be motorized including cellular shades, wood blinds, solar shades, roller shades, and even woven wood blinds. Blindsgalore’s motorized window treatments are also cord free, making them a safe choice in homes with small children and pets. They're also excellent for hard-to-reach windows, including skylights, to make them accessible through the easy-to-use remote control. Many motorized Blindsgalore window coverings can even be linked to your smart home device or phone using a Wi-Fi NEO Hub for home automation.

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