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Unique Window Stories We Love

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Windows tell many stories as life passes through these enlightening spaces that fill up our homes. I am always intrigued by a few special ways that our friends here at Blindsgalore have creatively solved an unusual window quandary. Since we specialize in custom window treatments and have the expertise to tackle all kinds of problems, we love to find unique Continue Reading ...
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Cheap Nerd’s Guide to Comic-Con 2014

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Comic-Con is a rare time of year for those of us who live here in San Diego.  What started as a simple gathering for artists and comic book connoisseurs has steadily transformed over the last 44 years into a monolith for nearly every niche in the entertainment industry: pop culture, Marvel madness, fantastical heroes and heroines, strange costumes, over charged Continue Reading ...
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Wyeth’s Windows

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I am taking a journey today to the view, looking in and out of windows, through the eyes of Andrew Wyeth, a singular water colorist and master egg tempera painter (actually adding egg yolk to tempera paint). Andrew Wyeth was a regional and rural artist with a superb technical eye to detail whose draftsmanship was praised, but in his later Continue Reading ...
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Spring Breezes Through Our Windows

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As the March winds blow away and bring the promise of April showers and May flowers, I have been musing about the charm and poetry of the names of winds and their import. Of the few that I know: “Mistral,” a stormy, cold wind that blows through Provence in Southern France; “Sirocco,” a fierce wind that whips dust and sand Continue Reading ...
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Don’t Miss The Windows Of The Swiss

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Switzerland is just stunning. The Alps, the soaring green vistas, and the traditional chalets make you feel as if you’ve touched down in a fairy tale. I had the recent opportunity to visit this enchanting country and it really was as beautiful as I had imagined it to be. From the idyllic mountain towns to the bustling cosmopolitan city centers, Continue Reading ...
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Open Your Windows!

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I am always looking at windows, hey, that’s what I do, and I am constantly dreaming of new ways to excite you about what you choose to cover your windows. But today, I’m looking out my windows and now that summer is on the rise, the skies are layered in a purple haze and the trees are lush in verdant Continue Reading ...
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The Shape Of Great Design

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Windows as “The Golden Rectangle” – We, at Blindsgalore, believe that great design pleases everyone. We know it when we see it, even if we don’t know how to achieve or explain it. We are attracted to beautiful scenes, objects and rooms and our subconscious actually responds and is moved by great design. Neuroscience is now finding that the 2,000 Continue Reading ...
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Getting Away From It All

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The beauty of Fall is surrounding us with glorious colors and now is the perfect time to round up the kids and go on a fun excursion. With the nip in the air and the cooler nights, I think it is a perfect time to go camping. When my husband and I used to rough it in the outdoors , Continue Reading ...