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Solar Shades & Solar Blinds

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Solar Shades & Solar Blinds

Solar Shades are the perfect way to block UV rays and cut down on glare, without losing your view outside. These functional, sun-blocking shades will shield you from distracting glare and are a perfect choice for media rooms and coastal homes. Rooms with solar screens will also stay cooler in direct sunlight. Think of them as sunglasses for your window. While they won't provide complete privacy at night, solar shades are available in several screen openness factors, letting you choose exactly how much light you'd like to let through your windows. Custom solar shades are available in a wide range of solid colors, as well as patterns and even fabric weaves.

How to Block Heat With Solar Shades

These sun-blocking shades are the perfect way to block incoming heat without losing your view.

What to Consider When Selecting Your Solar Shades

Openness Factor

The majority of solar shades are available in a range of openness factors. The openness factor, which usually scales between 0% and 14%, will determine how much light your shade lets in and how much you can see through the material. With 0% openness, the shade will completely shut out light and be impossible to see through. At 14%, the shade will still be able to stop harmful UV rays, but you’ll be able to see almost entirely through the material. The smaller the number, the less open the shade is.

Shade Placement

Solar shades are a versatile style of window treatment, with benefits for almost every room in the home. We also have a selection of solar shades made specifically for RVs and Motorhomes. If you’re looking to create a shaded space in a garden or patio, please view our available outdoor shades.

Customizable Options


  • Standard: Operate your shade with a continuous cord pull mechanism that can be configured on the left or right side of your window. A standard cord clutch can be attached on the wall for easier operation.
  • Cordless: Raise or lower your shade with a simple pull on the bottom rail for smoother operation and a more streamlined appearance. Cordless solar shades are also safer in homes with pets or small children.
  • Motorized: Add motorization to your cordless shade to raise and lower your shade with the push of a button. A single remote can operate multiple shades. Motorized solar shades can also be linked to your smart home.

Roll Style

  • Standard Roll: On standard roll solar shades, the fabric will hang off the back of the shade, closer to the window, for optimal light control.
  • Reverse Roll: The fabric on solar shades configured with a reverse roll will hang off the front of the shade, hiding the top of the shade and eliminating the need for a valance.

Decorative Accents

  • Bottom of Shade: The bottom of your solar shade will be weighted to ensure it stays in place. Customizable options include a matching fabric-wrapped bottom rail or decorative hem bar. Shades without a bottom rail will usually have a pleated piece of matching fabric.
  • Valance Options: Depending on the solar screen you choose, you may have the option to include a valance when customizing. A valance is a decorative piece at the top of your shade to help hide the fabric roll of your solar shade. There are several different styles available, including ornate wood pieces and color-coordinated cassettes. You will also have the option to not include a valance.

How to Measure and Install Solar Shades

View our helpful online measuring guidebefore selecting your custom solar screen or solar shade.

We also have installation guides for all of our solar shades available on our help center.

If you need any assistance measuring, installing, or customizing your solar shades, don’t hesitate to reach out to our in-house team of design experts over the phone (877.702.5463) or via email (

To review samples or discuss custom solutions for your home, you can also book a virtual one-on-one appointment with our virtual designer.

customer reviews for solar screens

5 stars

"blindsgalore solar shades"

By from

These were perfect. They looked exactly like I expected and were easy to install. We ordered one just to see how they would work and then ordered 9 more.

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5 stars

"Love them"

By Gippernbill from Arizona

We have 3 remote controlled solar screens for some large windows and we love them. Work great, easy to operate, and look great. They almost disappear when up and stylish when down.

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